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fpcmake(1)	       Free Pascal Makefile constructor		    fpcmake(1)

       fpcmake - The Free Pascal makefile constructor program.

       fpcmake [-Ttarget] [-pwhrqvV] [filename [filename [filename]]]

       fpcmake reads a Makefile.fpc and	converts it to a Makefile suitable for
       reading by GNU make to compile your projects. It	is  similar  in	 func-
       tionality to GNU	autoconf or Imake for making X projects.

       fpcmake	accepts	 filenames  of makefile	description files as it's com-
       mand-line arguments. For	each of	these files it will create a  Makefile
       in the same directory where the file is located,	overwriting any	exist-
       ing file	with the same name.

       If no options are given,	it just	attempts to read the file Makefile.fpc
       in  the	current	 directory  and	tries to construct a Makefile from it.
       any previously existing Makefile	will be	erased.	See fpcmake(5)	for  a
       description of the format of the	Makefile.fpc file.

       fpcmake has a small number of options to	control	it's behaviour:

       -h     Emit a short help	text describing	the use	of fpcmake

       -p     If this option is	given, a package description file is generated
	      as well as a makefile.

       -q     Tells fpcmake to be more quiet, i.e. emit	less messages.

       -r     If this option is	given, fpcmake will recursively	scan subdirec-
	      tories for makefile.fpc files and	generate makefiles for them.

       -T     Specifies	 the  targets  for which fpcmake should	generate make-
	      files. This can be a comma-separated list	of target systems,  or
	      the  special  identifier	all  which  indicates  that a makefile
	      should be	generated for all supported platforms.

       -v     This option instructs fpcmake to be more verbose.

       -V     Print fpcmake version and	exit.

       -w     This is the standard option and  tells  fpcmake  to  generate  a

	      fpcmake(5) ppc386(1) make(1)

Free Pascal			  11 Jan 2005			    fpcmake(1)


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