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fnts2fon(1)			   PSF Tools			   fnts2fon(1)

       fnts2fon	- Construct a Windows .FON file	from one or more .FNT files

       fnts2fon	 [--fontid=IDSTRING] [--winver=MAJOR.MINOR] [other options...]
       fnts2fon	attempts to combine one	or more	Windows	FNT files into	a  FON
       file.   This procedure is shrouded in darkness and mystery, dimly illu-
       minated by the Microsoft	Knowledge Base article	<http://support.micro-> and the NE file format.

       If you are running fnts2fon in the Cygwin environment, you will need to
       grant execute permission	to the resulting .FON file using chmod(1)  be-
       fore Windows can	use it.

       Note  that apart	from --fontid and possibly --winver, the other options
       should not be necessary unless you are trying to	produce	 output	 byte-
       by-byte identical to an existing	Windows	font.

	      Sets  the	font resolution	/ description string. This is normally
	      formed "FONTRES nn,nn,nn : Description". It must	begin  FONTRES
	      for  Windows  3.x	 and  9x to recognise the font.	By default the
	      string used is "FONTRES 200,96,48	: _fontname_ ".

       Under MS-DOS, use underlines to represent spaces	- for example,

	      Sets the Windows version required	in the output file. The	 MAJOR
	      and  MINOR  are treated as separate numbers, so --winver=3.1 and
	      --winver=3.01 are	the same, but --winver=3.1  and	 --winver=3.10
	      are  different.  Windows	2.x and	3.0 still load fonts marked as
	      for version 3.1 so this option may not have much practical use.

       --checksum16=nnn	and --checksum32=nnn
	      Set the 16-bit checksum in the DOS header, and the 32-bit	check-
	      sum  in  the  Windows  header.  Windows does not appear to check

	      Sets the message to display if the font is renamed to  .EXE  and
	      run from DOS.

	      Sets the resource	ID to allocate to the first font.

	      Sets the increment to add	to the resource	ID.

	      Set the version of the linker that supposedly created this file.
	      The same caveats apply as	for --winver.

	      Set the name of the program that	was  supposedly	 assembled  to
	      make this	file.

	      Sets the value in	word 2 of the 'MZ' file	header.

	      Set the DOS stub to use. They all	do exactly the same thing, but
	      in slightly different ways.

	      Mark font	nnn as a system	font.

       Does not	appear to work with vector .FNT	files, only raster ones.

       cpi2psf(1), cpicomp(1), cpidcomp(1)

       John Elliott <>.

Version	1.0.8			 21 June, 2008			   fnts2fon(1)


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