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FLOWD-READER(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual	       FLOWD-READER(8)

     flowd-reader -- Read, filter and concatenate binary flowd logfiles

     flowd-reader [-LUvqd] [-H num_flows] [-f filter_file] [-o output_file]
		  flow_log [flow_log] [...]

     flowd-reader is a program to read,	filter and/or concatenate flowd(8) bi-
     nary log files.

     If	only flow_log arguments	are specified, flowd-reader will read each of
     the log files and print their contents to standard	output.

     Filtering may be performed	by specifying a	filter_file using the -f op-
     tion.  In this mode, flowd-reader will filter the flows it	reads from the
     flow_log file(s) before printing them.

     Finally, the -o option may	be used	to specify a output_path to which all
     the flows that have been read and passed any filters are written.

     The command-line options are as follows:

     -H	num_flows
	     head(1) mode.  Read only the first	num_flows of the file.

     -L	     Allows flowd-reader to read legacy	version	2 flow logs (generated
	     by	flowd(8) versions prior	to v9.0).  This	may be used to convert
	     old flow logs to the newer	form.

     -U	     Causes flowd-reader to report all timestamps in UTC rather	than
	     the local timezone.

     -d	     Display debugging information, including the number of filter
	     matches if	one has	been specified.

     -f	filter_file
	     Specify a filter_file.  containing	filtering and field selection
	     rules to apply to the flows that are loaded.  These rules may
	     contain store directives and filter rules as described in the
	     flowd.conf(5) manual (under the Storage field selection and
	     Filter sections respectively.)  Any other directives are ignored.
	     If	no store directives are	specified in the filter_file then the
	     default is	to preserve all	the fields in the input	flow logs.

     -q	     Operate quietly. If this argment is specified, flowd-reader will
	     not display the flows it is processing.  This may be useful in
	     conjunction with the -f option.

     -o	output_file
	     Specify an	output_file to which all flows that have been read and
	     have passed any filters are written.  The flows are written in
	     the flowd binary log format.  This	option is useful when filter-
	     ing or concatenating flow log files.

     -v	     Reports all information in	the flow log, rather than the default
	     brief subset.

     -h	     Displays commandline usage	information.

     Damien Miller <>

     flowd(8), flowd.conf(5)

FreeBSD	13.0			 July 30, 2004			  FreeBSD 13.0


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