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FLICKCURL(1)		    General Commands Manual		  FLICKCURL(1)

       flickcurl - call	Flickr API

       flickcurl -a FROB
       flickcurl [-d DELAY] [-h] [-o FILE] [-q]	[-v] [-V] [commands] ...

       flickcurl  is  a	utility	program	to call	the Flickr APIs	via the	flick-
       curl library.  Run flickcurl -h to get a	list of	the supported commands
       and their arguments.

       The  program  requires  configuring  before use to work with the	Flickr
       APIs.  Run flickcurl without any	options	to get	the  instructions  for
       registering the application and creating	the initial configuration file
       ~/.flickcurl.conf from the registration information.

       These programs follow the usual GNU command line	syntax,	with long  op-
       tions starting with two dashes (`-').  A	summary	of options is included

       -a FROB,	--auth FROB
	      Authenticate with	a FROB and  update  the	 authentication	 file.
	      The program will exit after updating the file.

       -d DELAY, --delay DELAY
	      Set delay	between	requests to DELAY milliseconds.

       -h, --help
	      Show summary of options and exit.

       -o FILE,	--output FILE
	      Write the	results	of format feed API calls to FILE

       -q, --quiet
	      Display less information while the program runs.

       -v, --version
	      Display the version of the program and exit.

       -V, --verbose
	      Display more information while the program runs.

       In the following	list of	commands:
       PER-PAGE	is photos per result page or '-' for default (10)
       PAGE is result page number or '-' for default (1	= first	page)

       activity.userComments [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Get photos commented on by the caller.

       activity.userPhotos [TIMEFRAME [PER-PAGE	[PAGE]]]
	      Get recent activity on the caller's photos.

       auth.checkToken TOKEN
	      Get the credentials attached to an authentication	TOKEN.

	      Get a frob to be used during authentication.

       auth.getFullToken MINI-TOKEN
	      Get the full authentication token	for MINI-TOKEN.

       auth.getToken TOKEN
	      Get the auth token for the FROB, if one has been attached.

	      Get a list of configured blogs for the calling user.

	      Get a list of blog services.

	      Post  PHOTO-ID  to  blog BLOG-ID with TITLE, DESCRIPTION and op-
	      tional password.

       collections.getInfo COLLECTION-ID
	      Get information on collection COLLECTION-ID

       collections.getTree [COLLECTION-ID|- [USER-ID|-]]
	      Get tree of collections COLLECTION-ID for	USER-ID

	      Get list of institutions

       contacts.getList	[FILTER	[PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]
	      Get a list of contacts with optional FILTER

       contacts.getListRecentlyUploaded	[DATE-LAST-UPLOAD [FILTER]]
	      Get a list of recent uploading contacts  since  DATE-LAST-UPLOAD
	      with optional FILTER

       contacts.getPublicList USER-NSID	[PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Get the contact list for user USER-NSID

       contacts.getTaggingSuggestions  [PER_PAGE [PAGE [INCLUDE-SELF [INCLUDE-
	      Get tagging suggestions

       favorites.add PHOTO-ID
	      Adds PHOTO-ID to the current user's favorites.

       favorites.getContext PHOTO-ID USER-NSID [NUM-PREV [NUM-NEXT [EXTRAS]]]
	      Get context photos around	USER-ID's favorite PHOTO-ID.

       favorites.getList USER-NSID [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FORMAT]]]
	      Get a list of USER-NSID's	favorite photos.

       favorites.getPublicList USER-NSID [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FORMAT]]]
	      Get a list of USER-NSID's	favorite public	photos.

       favorites.remove	PHOTO-ID
	      Removes PHOTO-ID to the current user's favorites.

       galleries.addPhoto GALLERY-ID PHOTO-ID TEXT
	      Add photo	PHOTO-ID to galleries GALLERY-ID with TEXT

       galleries.create	TITLE [DESCRIPTION [PRIMARY-PHOTO-ID]
	      Create a	new  gallery  with  TITLE,  DESCRIPTION	 and  PRIMARY-

       galleries.editMeta GALLERY-ID TITLE [DESCRIPTION]
	      Set the TITLE and/or DESCRIPTION of a GALLERY-ID.

       galleries.editPhoto GALLERY-ID PHOTO-ID COMMENT
	      Set the COMMENT for PHOTO-ID in GALLERY-ID.

       galleries.editPhotos GALLERY-ID PRIMARY-PHOTO-ID	PHOTO-IDS,...
	      Set the PHOTO-IDs	of a GALLERY-ID	and PRIMARY-PHOTO-ID.

       galleries.getInfo GALLERY-ID
	      Get information about GALLERY-ID.

       galleries.getList USER-ID [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Get list of galleries for	a USER-ID with optional	paging

       galleries.getListForPhoto PHOTO-ID [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Get list of galleries PHOTO-ID appears in	with optional paging

       galleries.getPhotos GALLERY-ID [EXTRAS [PER-PAGE	[PAGE [FORMAT]]]]
	      Get the list of photos in	GALLERY-ID with	options.

       getphotoid IMAGE-URL
	      Get the photo id from a raw flickr farm IMAGE-URL

       groups.browse [CAT-ID]
	      Browse groups below category CAT-ID (or root).

       groups.getInfo GROUP-ID [LANG]
	      Get information on group GROUP-ID	with language LANG.

       groups.join GROUP-ID [ACCEPT-RULES]
	      Join a group GROUP-ID with optional accepting of rules.

       groups.joinRequest GROUP-ID MESSAGE ACCEPT-RULES
	      Request to join a	group GROUP-ID using MESSAGE and accept	rules.

       groups.leave GROUP-ID [DELETE-PHOTOS]
	      Leave a group GROUP-ID and optionally delete photos.

       groups.members.getList GROUP-ID [MEMBER-TYPES [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]
	      Get list of MEMBER-TYPES types members of	group GROUP-ID.

       groups.pools.add	PHOTO-ID GROUP-ID
	      Add PHOTO-ID in GROUP-ID pool.

       groups.pools.getContext PHOTO-ID	GROUP-ID
	      Get next and previous photos for PHOTO-ID	in GROUP-ID pool.

       groups.pools.getGroups [PER-PAGE	[PAGE]]
	      Get list of groups a user	can add	to.

       groups.pools.getPhotos GROUP-ID [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FORMAT]]]
	      Get list of photos in GROUP-ID.

       groups.pools.remove PHOTO-ID GROUP-ID
	      Remove PHOTO-ID from group GROUP-ID. TEXT [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Search for groups	matching TEXT paging PER-PAGE and PAGE.

       interestingness.getList [PARAMS]
	      Get interesting photos with optional parameters
	      date DATE
	      extras EXTRAS
	      per-page PER-PAGE
	      page PAGE
	      format FORMAT

       machinetags.getNamespaces [PREDICATE [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]
	      Get a list of namespaces with optional PREDICATE

       machinetags.getPairs [NAMESPACE [PREDICATE [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]]
	      Get a list of unique NAMESPACE and PREDICATE pairs

       machinetags.getPredicates [NAMESPACE [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]
	      Get a list of unique predicates optionally by NAMESPACE

       machinetags.getRecentValues [NAMESPACE|-	[PREDICATE|- [ADDED-SINCE]]]
	      Get  a  list  of	recent machinetags for NAMESPACE and PREDICATE
	      since ADDED-SINCE

       machinetags.getValues NAMESPACE PREDICATE [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Get a list of unique values for a	NAMESPACE and PREDICATE

       oauth.create [CALLBACK]
	      Create OAuth request token/secret	pair and show the  authentica-
	      tion URL

	      Upgrade legacy authentication to OAuth

	      Verify an	OAuth request from `oauth.create'

	      get the current list of pandas

       panda.getPhotos PANDA
	      ask a PANDA for a	list of	recent public and safe photos

       people.findByEmail EMAIL
	      get a user's NSID	from their EMAIL address

       people.findByUsername USERNAME
	      get a user's NSID	from their USERNAME

       people.getGroups	USER-ID	[GROUP-EXTRAS]
	      Get list of groups USER-ID is a member of

       people.getInfo USER-NSID
	      Get information about one	person with id USER-NSID

       people.getPhotos	USER-NSID
	      Get photos from user USER-NSID with optional parameters
	      safe-search 1-3
	      min-upload-date DATE
	      max-upload-date DATE
	      min-taken	date DATE
	      max-taken-date DATE
	      content-type 1-7
	      privacy-filter 1-5
	      per-page PER-PAGE
	      page PAGE
	      format FORMAT

       people.getPhotosOf USER-NSID [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FORMAT]]]
	      Get public photos	of a user USER-NSID

       people.getPublicGroups USER-NSID
	      Get list of public groups	a user is a member of

       people.getPublicPhotos USER-NSID	[PER-PAGE [PAGE	[FORMAT]]]
	      Get public photos	for a user USER-NSID

	      Get calling user upload status

       photos.addTags PHOTO-ID TAGS
	      Add TAGS to a PHOTO-ID.

       photos.comments.addComment PHOTO-ID TEXT
	      Add a photo comment TEXT to PHOTO-ID.

       photos.comments.deleteComment COMMENT-ID
	      Delete a photo comment COMMENT-ID.

       photos.comments.editComment COMMENT-ID TEXT
	      Edit a photo comment COMMENT-ID to have new TEXT.

       photos.comments.getList PHOTO-ID
	      Get the comments for a photo PHOTO-ID.

       photos.comments.getRecentForContacts [PARAMS]
	      Get the list of photos for user contacts with recent comments
	      per-page PER-PAGE	page PAGE format FORMAT

       photos.delete PHOTO-ID
	      Delete a PHOTO-ID.

       photos.geo.getLocation PHOTO-ID
	      Get the geo location for a photo PHOTO-ID.

       photos.geo.getPerms PHOTO-ID
	      Get the geo perms	for a photo PHOTO-ID.

       photos.geo.removeLocation PHOTO-ID
	      Remove the location for a	photo PHOTO-ID.

       photos.geo.setLocation PHOTO-ID LAT LONG	ACCURACY
	      Set the location for a photo PHOTO-ID.

	      Set the geo perms	for a photo PHOTO-ID.

       photos.getAllContexts PHOTO-ID
	      Get all visible sets and pools the PHOTO-ID belongs to.

	      Get a list of recent photos from the calling users' contacts

       photos.getContactsPublicPhotos USER-NSID	[FORMAT]
	      Get a list of recent public photos from USER-NSID's contacts

       photos.getContext PHOTO-ID
	      Get next and previous photos for a PHOTO-ID in a photostream.

       photos.getCounts	DATES TAKEN-DATES
	      Get the counts for a set of DATES	or TAKEN-DATES.

       photos.getExif PHOTO-ID
	      Get EXIF information about one photo with	id PHOTO-ID

       photos.getFavorites PHOTO-ID [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Get favourites information about one photo with id PHOTO-ID

       photos.getInfo PHOTO-ID [SECRET]
	      Get information about one	photo PHOTO-ID with optional SECRET

       photos.getNotInSet [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FORMAT]]]
	      Get list of photos that are not in any set

       photos.getPerms PHOTO-ID
	      Get a photo viewing and commenting permissions

       photos.getRecent	[PER-PAGE [PAGE	[FORMAT]]]
	      Get list of recent photos

       photos.getSizes PHOTO-ID
	      Get sizes	of a PHOTO-ID

       photos.getUntagged [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FORMAT]]]
	      Get list of photos that are not tagged

       photos.getWithGeoData [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FORMAT]]]
	      Get list of photos that have geo data

       photos.getWithoutGeoData	[PER-PAGE [PAGE	[FORMAT]]]
	      Get list of photos that do not have geo data

	      Get list of available photo licenses

       photos.licenses.setLicense PHOTO-ID LICENSE-ID
	      Get photo	PHOTO-ID license to LICENSE-ID

       photos.notes.add	PHOTO-ID X Y W H TEXT
	      Add a note (X, Y,	W, H, TEXT) to a photo with id PHOTO-ID

       photos.notes.delete NOTE-ID
	      Delete a note with id NOTE-ID

       photos.notes.edit NOTE-ID X Y W H TEXT
	      Edit note	NOTE-ID	to (X, Y, W, H,	TEXT)

       photos.people.add PHOTO-ID USER-ID X Y W	H
	      Mark USER-ID appearing in	PHOTO-ID at (X,	Y, W, H)

       photos.people.delete PHOTO-ID USER-ID
	      Mark USER-ID as not appearing in PHOTO-ID

       photos.people.deleteCoords PHOTO-ID USER-ID
	      Mark USER-ID as not appearing at coordinates in PHOTO-ID

       photos.people.editCoords	PHOTO-ID USER-ID X Y W H
	      Update USER-ID appearing in PHOTO-ID to coords (X, Y, W, H)

       photos.people.getList PHOTO-ID
	      Get list of users	appearing in PHOTO-ID

       photos.recentlyUpdated MIN-DATE [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FORMAT]]]
	      Get list of photos that were recently updated

       photos.removeTag	PHOTO-ID TAG-ID
	      Remove a tag TAG-ID from a photo. [PARAMS] tags TAGS...
	      Search for photos/videos with many optional parameters
	      user USER
	      tag-mode any|all
	      text TEXT
	      (min|max)-(upload|taken)-date DATE
	      license LICENSE
	      privacy PRIVACY
	      bbox a,b,c,d
	      sort		   date-(posted|taken)-(asc|desc)|interesting-
	      accuracy 1-16
	      safe-search 1-3
	      type 1-4
	      machine-tags TAGS
	      machine-tag-mode any|all
	      group-id ID
	      place-id ID
	      extras EXTRAS
	      per-page PER-PAGE
	      page PAGES
	      media all|photos|videos
	      lat LAT lon LON radius RADIUS radius-units km|mi
	      contacts (all|ff)
	      format FORMAT
	      woeid WOEID
	      geo-context 1-2

       photos.setContentType PHOTO-ID TYPE
	      Set photo	TYPE to	one of 'photo',	'screenshot' or	'other'

	      Set a photo POSTED date, TAKEN date with GRANULARITY

       photos.setMeta PHOTO-ID TITLE DESCRIPTION
	      Set a photo TITLE	and DESCRIPTION

	      Set a photo viewing and commenting permissions

       photos.setSafetyLevel PHOTO-ID SAFETY-LEVEL HIDDEN
	      Set a photo's SAFETY-LEVEL and HIDDEN flag

       photos.setTags PHOTO-ID TAGS
	      Set the tags for a PHOTO-ID to TAGS.

       photos.transform.rotate PHOTO-ID	DEGREES
	      Rotate PHOTO-ID by 90/180/270 DEGREES

       photos.upload.checkTickets TICKET-IDS...
	      Get the status of	upload TICKET-IDS

       photosets.addPhoto PHOTOSET-ID PHOTO-ID
	      Add PHOTO-ID to a	PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.comments.addComment PHOTOSET-ID TEXT
	      Add a comment TEXT to photoset PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.comments.deleteComment	COMMENT-ID
	      Delete a photoset	comment	COMMENT-ID.

       photosets.comments.editComment COMMENT-ID TEXT
	      Edit a photoset comment COMMENT-ID to have new TEXT.

       photosets.comments.getList PHOTOSET-ID
	      Get the comments for a photoset PHOTOSET-ID.

	      Create a photoset	with TITLE, DESCRIPTION	and PRIMARY-PHOTO-ID.

       photosets.delete	PHOTOSET-ID
	      Delete a photoset	with PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.editMeta PHOTOSET-ID TITLE DESCRIPTION
	      Set the TITLE and/or DESCRIPTION of a PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.editPhotos PHOTOSET-ID	PRIMARY-PHOTO-ID PHOTO-IDS,...

       photosets.getContext PHOTO-ID PHOTOSET-ID
	      Get next and previous photos for PHOTO-ID	in PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.getInfo PHOTOSET-ID
	      Get information about PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.getList [USER-NSID]
	      Get the list of photosets	for the	USER-NSID.

       photosets.getPhotos  PHOTOSET-ID	[EXTRAS	[PRIVACY [PER-PAGE [PAGE [FOR-
	      Get the list of photos in	PHOTOSET-ID with options.

       photosets.orderSets PHOTOSET-IDS...
	      Set the order of sets PHOTOSET-IDS.

       photosets.removePhoto PHOTOSET-ID PHOTO-ID
	      Remove PHOTO-ID from PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.removePhotos PHOTOSET-ID PHOTO-IDS...
	      Remove PHOTO-IDS from PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.reorderPhotos PHOTOSET-ID PHOTO-IDS...
	      Reorder PHOTO-IDS	from PHOTOSET-ID.

       photosets.setPrimaryPhoto PHOTOSET-ID PHOTO-ID
	      Set photoset PHOTOSET-ID primary photo to	PHOTO-ID.

       places.find TEXT
	      Find places by TEXT query.

       places.findByLatLon LAT LON ACCURACY
	      Find places by LAT and LON with ACCURACY 1-16.

       places.getChildrenWithPhotosPublic PLACE-ID|- [WOE-ID|-]
	      Find child places	with public photos by PLACE-ID or WOE-ID

       places.getInfo PLACE-ID|- [WOE-ID|-]
	      Find place by PLACE-ID or	WOE-ID

       places.getInfoByUrl URL
	      Find place by place URL

       places.getPlaceTypes URL
	      Get a list of available place types

       places.getShapeHistory PLACE-ID|- [WOE-ID|-]
	      Get history of shapes for	a place	by PLACE-ID or WOE-ID

       places.getTopPlacesList PLACE-TYPE [DATE	[WOE-ID|- [PLACE-ID]]]
	      Get the top 100 most geotagged places for	a DATE (or yesterday).

       places.placesForBoundingBox PLACE-TYPE MIN-LONG MIN-LAT	MAX-LONG  MAX-
	      Find user	places of PLACE-TYPE in	bbox.

       places.placesForContacts	  PLACE-TYPE   WOE-ID|-	 PLACE-ID|-  THRESHOLD
	      Find top 100 unique places clustered by a	given PLACE-TYPE for a
	      user's contacts with optional parameters
	      contacts CONTACTS
	      min-upload MIN-UPLOAD-DATE
	      max-upload MAX-UPLOAD-DATE
	      min-taken	MIN-TAKEN-DATE
	      max-taken	MAX-TAKEN-DATE

       places.placesForUser PLACE-TYPE [WOE-ID]	[PLACE-ID [THRESHOLD]]]
	      Find user	places of PLACE-TYPE.

       places.resolvePlaceId PLACE-ID  / WOE-ID
	      Find places information by PLACE-ID or WOE-ID (number).

       places.resolvePlaceURL PLACE-URL
	      Find places information by PLACE-URL.

       places.tagsForPlace PLACE-ID|- [WOE-ID|-]
	      Get tags for a place by PLACE-ID or WOE-ID with optional parame-
	      min-upload MIN-UPLOAD-DATE
	      max-upload MAX-UPLOAD-DATE
	      min-taken	MIN-TAKEN-DATE
	      max-taken	MAX-TAKEN-DATE

	      Get default content type preference for user.

	      Get default privacy level	for geographic info for	user.

	      Get default hidden preference for	user.

	      Get default privacy preference for user.

	      Get default safety level for user.

       reflection.getMethodInfo	NAME
	      Get information about an API method NAME

	      Get API methods

       replace FILE PHOTO-ID [async]
	      Replace a	photo PHOTO-ID with a new FILE (async)

       shorturi	PHOTO-ID
	      Get the short uri for PHOTO-ID

       stats.getCollectionDomains DATE [COLLECTION-ID [PER-PAGE	[PAGE]]]
	      Get collection domains stats

       stats.getCollectionReferrers   DATE   DOMAIN  [COLLECTION-ID  [PER-PAGE
	      Get collection referrers stats

       stats.getCollectionStats	DATE COLLECTION-ID
	      Get collection view count	stats

       stats.getPhotoDomains DATE [PHOTO-ID [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]
	      Get photo	domains	stats

       stats.getPhotoReferrers DATE DOMAIN [PHOTO-ID [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]
	      Get photo	referrers stats

       stats.getPhotoStats DATE	PHOTO-ID
	      Get photo	view count stats

       stats.getPhotosetDomains	DATE [PHOTOSET-ID [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]
	      Get photoset domains stats

       stats.getPhotosetReferrers DATE DOMAIN [PHOTOSET-ID [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]]
	      Get photoset referrers stats

       stats.getPhotosetStats DATE PHOTOSET-ID
	      Get photoset view	count stats

       stats.getPhotostreamDomains DATE	[PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Get photostream domains stats

       stats.getPhotostreamReferrers DATE DOMAIN [PER-PAGE [PAGE]]
	      Get photostream referrers	stats

       stats.getPhotostreamStats DATE
	      Get photostream view count stats

       stats.getPopularPhotos [DATE [SORT [PER-PAGE [PAGE [EXTRAS]]]]]
	      Get popular photos stats

       stats.getTotalViews [DATE]
	      Get total	stats

       tags.getClusters	TAG
	      Get list of tag clusters for TAG

       tags.getHotList [PERIOD [COUNT]]
	      Get the list of hot tags for the given PERIOD (day, week)

       tags.getListPhoto PHOTO-ID
	      Get the tag list for a PHOTO-ID.

       tags.getListUser	[USER-NSID]
	      Get the tag list for a USER-NSID (or current user).

       tags.getListUserPopular [USER-NSID [COUNT]]
	      Get the popular tag list for a USER-NSID (or current user).

       tags.getListUserRaw [TAG]
	      Get the raw versions of a	TAG (or	 all  tags)  for  the  current

	      Get the most frequently used tags	for the	current	user.

       tags.getRelated TAG
	      Get  a  list  of	tags 'related' to TAG based on clustered usage

       test.echo KEY VALUE
	      Test echo	API call; echos	KEY VALUE

	      Test login API call: returns username

       test.null KEY VALUE
	      Test null	API call: no return

       upload FILE [PARAMS...]
	      Upload a photo FILE with	optional  parameters  PARAM  or	 PARAM
	      title TITLE
	      description DESC
	      safety_level 'safe' (default) or 'moderate' or 'restricted'
	      content_type 'photo' (default) or	screenshot' or 'other'
	      hidden 'public' (default)	or 'hidden'
	      tags TAGS... [must be last param]

       urls.getGroup GROUP-ID
	      Get the url of the group page for	GROUP-ID.

       urls.getUserPhotos USER-NSID
	      Get the url of the photo page for	USER-NSID.

       urls.getUserProfile USER-NSID
	      Get the url of the profile page for USER-NSID.

       urls.lookupGroup	URL
	      Get a group NSID from the	URL to a group's page or photo pool.

       urls.lookupUser URL
	      Get a user NSID from the URL to a	user's photo

Extras Fields
       The  EXTRAS  parameter  can take	a comma-separated set of the following

	      Date item	was taken

	      Date item	was uploaded

       geo    Geotagging latitude, longitude and accuracy

	      Item owner icon fields

	      Date item	was last updated

	      Item License

	      Machine tags

       media  Item Format: photo or video

       o_dims Original item dimensions

	      Original item secret and format

	      Item owner ID

	      Path alias for owner like	/photos/USERNAME

       tags   Item clean tags (safe for	HTML, URLs)

       url_c  URL of medium 800, 800 on	longest	size image

       url_m  URL of small, medium size	image

       url_n  URL of small, 320	on longest side	size image

       url_o  URL of original size image

       url_q  URL of large square 150x150 size image

       url_s  URL of small suqare 75x75	size image

       url_sq URL of square size image

       url_t  URL of thumbnail,	100 on longest side size image

       views  Number of	times item has been viewed

Photos List Feed Formats
       The FORMAT parameter can	take any of the	following values

	      RSS 1.0

	      RSS 2.0

	      Atom 1.0

	      RSS 2.0 with GeoRSS and W3C Geo for geotagged photos

	      Atom 1.0 with GeoRSS and W3C Geo for geotagged photos

	      RSS 1.0 with GeoRSS and W3C Geo for geotagged photos

	      KML 2.1

	      KML 2.1 network link


       flickcurl was written by	David Beckett.

       This manual page	was written by Kumar  Appaiah  <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

			       1 September 2008			  FLICKCURL(1)


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