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FLASH(1)		    General Commands Manual		      FLASH(1)

       flash - A menu shell with hotkeys and process group management

       flash  [-hVl] [-b basedirectory]	[-d delimiter] [-L rules file] [-e es-
       cape] [-c comment] [menu	file]

       flash loads menu	file, interprets and displays it. The menu is made  up
       of a combination	of token structures seperated by line breaks.

       -h     Print a help message and usage information.

       -V     Print version information	and compile-time defaults.

       -b basedirectory
	      Set  the directory that flash should expect to find its configu-
	      ration files.

       -d filename
	      Set the debug file to filename.

       -c command
	      An ordinary shell	would run command, flash just logs the attempt
	      to the syslog.

       -L rules	file
	      Users  will  be  prompted	 to agree to the contents of the rules
	      file before being	allowed	to enter the shell. Agreement is loged
	      to syslog.

       menu file
	      Load menu	from menu file.

       Note:  I	 will  be  using `:' as	the token delimiter, `\' as the	escape
       character, and `#' as the comment character throughout  this  document.
       Directive matching is case insensitive.

       Flash files are made up of a series of token structures and directives.
       There is	a limit	of one token structure or directive per	line.

       Lines beginning with `#'	will be	ignored	by flash.  Characters preceded
       by `\' will be treated literally	by flin.

       Directives tell flash how to interperet text.

       Menu [menu options] name
	      Starts  a	 menu  named  name, all	following lines	will be	inter-
	      pereted as menu token structures until the EndMenu is read. If a
	      menu  main  is present in	the file it is stared first, otherwise
	      the first	menu encountered is used.

       RCBlock [rc options]
	      Interperet the following lines as	rc token structures until  En-
	      dRCBlock	is  read. These	blocks allow configuration of flash or
	      execution	of programs at run time.

       RCFile [rc options] filename
	      Read filename and	interperet its	lines as rc  token  structures
	      until the	end of the file.

       Module [module name] [module options]

       Include filename	[filenames...]
	      Include further menu files.

       MainMenuName name
	      Specify the name of the initial menu. Defaults to	"Main".

       NoBox  Default to displaying menus without border boxes.

Menu [menu options] name
       A  number  of menu options may be used to control the appearance	of the
       menu on the screen. Options are seperated by whitespaces.

       NoBox  The menu should be displayed without a border box.

       Left   The menu should be displayed on the left of the screen.

       Right  The menu should be displayed on the right	of the screen.

       Top    The menu should be displayed at the top of the screen.

       Bottom The menu should be displayed at the bottom of the	screen.

       Offset y	x
	      Offset the menu y	lines and x columns from the  location	speci-
	      fied using the above options.

       Password	x
	      Set  an  access password for this	menu. x	is the access password
	      encrypted	using  SHA.  Passwords	can  be	 generated  using  the
	      shacrypt program included	with the distribution.

       The  menu  is  defined by token structures, which are enclosed within a
       Menu directive, with one	structure per line. A token structure is  made
       up  of at least two fields separated by delimiters. The last field must
       end with	a delimiter.  The format of the	token structure	is:


       Where Token is the type of item to display. Name	is  the	 name  of  the
       item as displayed on the	menu. The Options sets flags which control the
       display of the item and in some cases the response to selection of  the
       menu  item.  Args is an item dependent argument field. Prompt is	a text
       string which is used in some of the tokens. Every token	line  must  at
       least contain the Token and Name	fields,	the others are either optional
       or present in only some of the tokens.  For  compatibility  with	 menus
       from  flin the fields have the following	precidence which determines in
       what order they are interpreted Token, Name, Args, Prompt and Options.

       Menu Tokens

       Title  Title inserts a non-selectable title line	in the menu.


       Nop    Nop inserts a non-selectable line	in the menu. If	the item  text
	      is blank then a horizontal line will be displayed.


	      SubMenu creates a	link to	another	menu named in the Args field.


       Exec   Exec  executes  the  command  specified  in  the Args field. The
	      process is put into a seperate process group. Note that the com-
	      mand  is	started	using execvp which will	search the PATH	if the
	      command is not specified absolutely, this	may not	 be  what  you
	      want for a secure	setup.


       Args   Args  executes  the command in the Args field with user inputted
	      command-line arguments. The optional Prompt field	 contains  the
	      prompt  for  the	dialog box. Use	with care! If you use this im-
	      properly,	you could open up a big	security whole on your system.


       Exit   Exit exits the current menu, returning to	the previous menu.  If
	      Exit is executed in the main menu	flash will quit.


       Quit   Exits flash.


       Menu Token Options

       There  are  a  number Options defined for all of	the menu tokens. These
       control the display of the item on the menu. These are

	      L	     Display the item flush left on the	menu

	      C	     Display the item centred in the menu

	      R	     Display the item flushed right in the menu

	      Kx     Define a hotkey x for this	menu item.

       In addition the following options are defined for the Exec and Args to-

	      P	     The  output  from the process should be paged using a de-
		     fault pager

	      N	     flash should not pause for	the user to press a  key  when
		     the process exits unless it returns an error.

	      _	     The process should	be started in the background.

RCFile [rc options] filename
RCBlock	[rc options]
       A number	of rc options may be used to select what scope the block has.

       Login  The RCBlock or RCFile should only	be processed if	the shell is a
	      login shell.

       System This option is available in RCFile only. It specifies  that  the
	      file  to	be read	will have system rc privilage. Commands	can be
	      restricted so that they can only appear in system	rc files.  All
	      RCBlocks	are  system. System RCFiles are	sought relative	to the
	      baseaddress while	non-system RCFiles are sought in  users'  home

       Here is an example menu (comment	character is `#', delimiter is `:'):

	      #!./flash	-b.
	      #    -	  sample menu implementation for flash
	      #		     to	try it out type:
	      #		     `./flash' or `./'
	      #	Main menu
	      Menu NoBox NoColour Top Right Offset 1 -2	Main
		   SubMenu:Electronic Mail:C:Mail:
		   SubMenu:Network Facilities:C:Facilities:
		   SubMenu:Local Chat:C:Talk:
		   SubMenu:Who Else Is Online?:C:Else:
		   SubMenu:Other System	Information:C:SysInfo:
		   SubMenu:Customise Your Account:C:Customise:
		   SubMenu:Send	Comments to Netsoc:C:Comments:
		   SubMenu:Read	Help Files:C:Help:
		   SubMenu:Administration Menu:C:Admin:

	      Menu Mail
		   Title:Read, Send or Review your e-mail:
		   Nop:Powerful	- built	in encrypted mail support:
		   Nop:Very easy-to-use, excellent help	facilities:
		   Exit:Exit this menu:

	      Menu Facilities
		   Title:Programs to do	with Network Access:
		   SubMenu:Network News:News:
		   SubMenu:World Wide Web:Web:
		   Exit:Exit This Menu:

	      Menu News
		   Title:Read, Reply to	and Barf at Network News:
		   Nop:Tin is an easy to use, menu based news reader.:
		   Nop:Type `h`	for help within	the program.:
		   Exit:Exit this menu:

	      Menu Web
		   Title:"Surf"	the World Wide Web:
		   Exec:Lynx:N:lynx -noprint -restrictions=editor,file_url,exec,shell:
		   Exit:Exit this menu:

	      Menu Top Left Offset 2 -1	Password "tY30PCrOhbICLLXA6z3pTVs" Admin
		   Title:Account Administration:
		   Exec:Change Finger Information:/usr/bin/chfn:
		   Exec:Start up tcsh:/bin/tcsh:
		   Args:Run any	command::Enter command to run:
		   Exit:Exit This Menu:

	      Menu Bottom Left Offset 0	-1 HotKeys
		   Title:Global	HotKeys:
		   Exec:p Pine:NKp:pine:
		   Args:f Finger:PKf:finger:Who	do you want to finger:
		   Args:w W:PKw:w:Who do want to look for:
		   Args:l Last:Kl:last -20:Enter optional username:
		   Exec:e Elm:NKe:elm:
		   Args:t Telnet:Kt:telnet:Enter host and optional port:
		   Exec:b rBash:NKb:bash -version:
		   Exit:Back to	last menu:

	      RCBlock System
		   restrict all	except pause

		   # Turn on exec logging
		   set logging

		   # Set Mail notification with	timeout	5 sec
		   set mailnotify 5

		   # System Backgrounds
		   set background

		   # Turn on TOP_BAR clock
		   set barclock

		   # Pager to use when an exec/args menu item has a P flag
		   set execpager "less -E -P'Press Space to continue'"

		   # Lock screen - saver frame timeout (ms) and	backdoor password
		   set lockscreensaver 80
		   set lockbackdoor "tY30PCrOhbICLLXA6z3pTVs"

	      RCFile System Login system.flashlogin
	      RCFile .

       The way the menu	token fields are handled is horrible. This man page is
       even worse. Anyone want to volunteer a nicer one.

       The current release has some built in limits on line length etc.

       Stephen Fegan (

       The flash mailing list:

				   18-May-97			      FLASH(1)

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