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FLAMEROBIN(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		 FLAMEROBIN(1)

     flamerobin	-- management and data manipulation tool for the Firebird DBMS

     flamerobin	[-h directory |	--home=directory] [-uh directory |

     flamerobin	is a graphical frontend	to the Firebird	DBMS.  It is small and
     simple, yet offers	all the	basic features needed to create	and manipulate
     databases,	execute	queries	and perform administrative tasks.

     This manual page only documents the run-time options and environment of
     flamerobin.  Information about using the GUI may be obtained by selecting
     the Help -> Manual	menu item once the application is running.

     flamerobin	uses two directory hierarchies for its normal operation.  The
     data directory contains the templates for property	pages, the default
     configuration and the on-line documentation grouped into three sub-direc-
     tories as follows:

     conf-defs	     default configuration
     docs	     on-line documentation
     html-templates  templates for property pages

     The user home directory contains the per-user configuration, comprising
     three entries:

     fr_databases.conf	this file stores the user's registered databases.
     fr_settings.conf	this file stores the user's preferences	related	to the
			flamerobin GUI.
     history		this directory holds the SQL statement history,	one
			item per file.

     flamerobin	accepts	several	options, which are described as	follows:

     -h	directory
	     Use directory as the data directory (but see ENVIRONMENT below).

     -uh directory
	     Use directory as the user home directory (but see ENVIRONMENT and
	     CAVEATS below).

	     Specifies an alternate location for the flamerobin	data

	     If	both -h	(or --home) and	this environment variable are set, the
	     command line argument takes precedence.

	     Specifies an alternate location for the flamerobin	user home

	     If	both -uh (or --user-home) and this environment variable	are
	     set, the command line argument takes precedence.

	     The default flamerobin data directory.

	     The default flamerobin user home directory.

     flamerobin	was written by The FlameRobin Development Team

     flamerobin	only writes files under	the user home directory.  If
     flamerobin	is configured so that this directory and the files contained
     therein are shared	among several users or concurrent instances of
     flamerobin, no precaution is taken	to avoid overwriting settings created
     by	other users or other application instances.

     The specification of the data directory and the user home directory (re-
     gardless of whether they occur in the environment or on the command line)
     may be the	literal	string "$app" which translates to a common data	folder
     determined	at compilation time, or	"$user"	which translates to the	user
     local data	directory. These options currently have	effect only on Windows

FlameRobin 0.7			April 12, 2006			FlameRobin 0.7


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