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fkiss(1)		    General Commands Manual		      fkiss(1)

       fkiss - Freely enjoy childlike KISS, French-KISS!

       fkiss [option...] [file.lzh...] [file.cnf]

       French-KISS!   (fkiss) is a sample implementation of KISekae Set	system
       (KISS) for X Window System.  KISS is a paper  doll  playing  system  on
       fkiss  read file.cnf (KISS configuration	file), and read	color and cell
       files described in it.  If file.lzh (LHa	archive) is  specified,	 fkiss
       call lha	to extract archive and search *.cnf.  If file.lzh nor file.cnf
       is not specified, fkiss search *.cnf in current work directory.

       -display	name
	      Display connection.

       -geometry geom
	      Window geometry.

       -debug Print debug informations to stderr.

	      Silent mode.  Warning messages are not  displayed.   Sounds  are
	      not played.

	      Verbose mode.

       -font font
	      Use a font named font to print menu strings etc.

       -font8 font
	      Use  a  font  named  font	 to print comment strings.  By default
	      "rk16" or	"8x16" is used.

       -font16 font
	      Use a font named font to print Japanese comment strings.	By de-
	      fault "kanji16" or "k14" is used.

       -fg color
	      Foreground color.

       -bg color
	      Background color.

       -bw width
	      Border width.

       -cursor n
	      Cursor font control.
	      0	     (no control)
	      1	     hand   (null)
	      2	     undef  grip
	      3	     hand   grip    (*default)

       -s     Same as -cursor 1.

       -fixed n
	      Do  not  move a object its fix value is more than	or equal to n.
	      If not specified,	use maximum value described  in	 configuration

	      Unlimited	scroll.

       -gray  Convert RGB value	to Gray	scale brightness level.	 (On GrayScale
	      visual class server, This	option is turned on automatically)

       -test  Automatically display all	set, and print	cell  informations  to

       -t     Execute  time command with arguments "fkiss -test	..." to	report
	      running time.  "fkiss -t kissmars.lzh" is	same  as  "time	 fkiss
	      -test kissmars.lzh".

	      Disable sound function. (same as -sound 0)

       -sound n
	      Select sound handling mode.
	      0	     Disable sound function.
	      1	     Use internal sound	routine	(cf. sound.c).
	      2	     Execute "play" command to play sound.

       -soundcache n[k|m]
	      Change  sound  data cache	buffer size limit n (kilo|mega)	bytes.
	      By default, 256 kilobytes	limit.

       -p     Use private color	cells.

	      Disable to make new colormap.

       -k keyword
	      Decode encrypted lzh archives (suffix .hes) with keyword.

       -randseed n
	      Use n for	randomize seed.	 If this option	is not specified,  use
	      current time.

	      Disable fkiss event extension.

	      Enable  to execute shell command described in KISS configuration
	      file.  Take care,	this funciton makes a SECURITY HOLE!

       -wkiss Emulate WKISS bug.

       -transparency n
	      Set pseudo transparency mode.
	      0	     Disable pseudo transparency functions.
	      1	     Static dithered pseudo transparency mode.
	      2	     Under construnction. Buggy.

       -comment	n
	      Set cell comment display mode.
	      0	     Not display cell comment.
	      1	     Display pointed cell comment.
	      2	     Display all cell comment pointed object.

	      Display cell comment with	cnf line number.

       -button1	n
	      Assign function n	to mouse button1 (left).
	      0	     No	operation.
	      1	     Object catch, move	and drop.
	      2	     Iconify window.
	      3	     Display cell comment.

       -button2	n
	      Assign function n	to mouse button2 (center).

       -button3	n
	      Assign function n	to mouse button3 (right).

       -document document_browse_command
	      Execute document_browse_command to browse	document.  By default,
	      execute  DOC_COMMAND  defined  in	fkiss.c.  (Initial DOC_COMMAND
	      defined "xemacs")	If the character % is not  found  in  DOC_COM-
	      MAND,  Append " %P" string.  If the character at end of DOC_COM-
	      MAND is not &, Append & character.  Following parameters in doc-
	      ument_browse_command substitute.
	      %A      directory
	      %P      pathnames
	      %F      filenames
	      -document	"(cd %A; more %F) &"
	      "(cd /tmp/fkiss123; more litks09.doc readme.txt) &"
	      -document	"(emacs	%P) &"
	      "(emacs /tmp/fkiss123/litks09.doc	/tmp/fkiss123/readme.txt) &"

       -suffix .foo
	      Add suffix .foo into document suffix list.

       -nosuffix .foo
	      Delete suffix .foo from document suffix list.

       -autoadjust n
	      Automatic	 object	 position adjustment range n pixels.  4	pixels
	      by default.  "-autoadjust	0" to disable automatic	 object	 posi-
	      tion adjustment.

	      Suppress CEL and Sound file case-ignore warnings.

       -maxaction n
	      Change maximum number of actions per event.  Default 256.

       -maxtimer n
	      Change maximum number of timers.	Default	256.

       -maxevent n
	      Change maximum number of events.	Default	256.

       -maxsoundfile n
	      Change maximum number of sound files.  Default 256.

       -alpha n
	      Change alpha channel tranparency level.  Add n to	each pixel al-
	      pha level	(0..255).
	      -255	All pixels transparent.
	      +255	Not transparent.

       -esd host
	      Change EsounD server host.  Default Localhost.

       -noesd Not use EsounD, use /dev/dsp.

       -midiplayer program
	      Set external MIDI	player program.	  Default  "/usr/bin/midiplay"
	       "/usr/bin/playmidi" or
	       "/usr/local/bin/timidity	-idq".

	      Catch  the  object which is pointed.  If no objects or fixed ob-
	      ject is pointed, scroll the image	with moving mouse.

	      Iconify window.

	      Display cell comment.

       -      Previous set.

       =      Next set.

       [      Previous color group.

       ]      Next color group.

       Space  Toggle upper/lower menu bar.

       Escape Iconify window.

	      Save cnf file.  Original cnf file	is renamed *.cnf~.

       q      Quit.

	      Unmap the	cell which is pointed.	And register it	for 'v'	toggle
	      For KISS data creaters ONLY.  Others must	NOT use	this function.

       v      Toggle  mapping/unmapping	 the cell which	is unmapped by Contol-
	      Button1.	Don't forget mapping it	again before next Control-But-

       d      Browse  document	files  (*.doc *.txt *.hed).  Initial settings,
	      use xemacs program.

       r      Revert position of all objects in	current	set  to	 initial.   If
	      fkiss event extension is detected, this function is disabled.

       *.cnf  KISS configuration file

       *.kcf  KISS color file

       *.cel  KISS cell	file

       *.lzh  LHa archive file

       lha    LHa archiver

	      temporary	directory to extract files

	      rc file for fkiss.

	      startup sound file

       play   command for playing sound	file

       fkiss  is  conforming  to KISS/GS2, KISS/GS4 (draft).  See kissgs.doc -
       KISS/GS (KISS General Specification) Manual.

       Cannot to enjoy colorful	dresses	on  GrayScale  and  StaticGray	visual
       class server.
       TrueColor  or  DirectColor  visual  class server	is required to display
       True-colored CEL	data.
       Transrucent image operation is emulated with dither stipple pattern.
       Not correspond with Network Audio System.
       Xdefaults settings are ignored.
       If you have any advices and BUG reports,	please send E-mail.

       kissconv(1), celtoppm(1), ppmtocel(1), xkiss(1)

       French-KISS!  is	a public domain	softwear.  Permission  to  use,	 copy,
       modify,	distribute  and	 sell this software for	any purpose is granted
       without fee, if you do not disturb my original distribution.
       To  get	more  informations  or	current	 version,  Visit  my   Website

       yav <>

			       Tue Nov 12, 2001			      fkiss(1)


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