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FIXMOUNT(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		   FIXMOUNT(8)

     fixmount -- fix remote mount entries

     fixmount [-adervq]	[-h name] host ...

     This command is obsolete.	Users are advised to use autofs(5) instead.

     The fixmount utility is a variant of showmount(8) that can	delete bogus
     mount entries in remote mountd(8) daemons.	 The actions specified by the
     options are performed for each host in turn.

     -a, -d, -e
	     These options work	as in showmount(8) except that only entries
	     pertaining	to the local host are printed.

     -r	     Removes those remote mount	entries	on host	that do	not correspond
	     to	current	mounts,	i.e., which are	left-over from a crash or are
	     the result	of improper mount protocol.  The actuality of mounts
	     is	verified using the entries in /etc/mtab.

     -v	     Verify remote mounts.  Similar to -r except that only a notifica-
	     tion message is printed for each bogus entry found.  The remote
	     mount table is not	changed.

     -A	     Issues a command to the remote mountd declaring that all of its
	     file systems have been unmounted.	This should be used with cau-
	     tion, as it removes all remote mount entries pertaining to	the
	     local system, whether or not any file systems are still mounted

     -q	     Be	quiet.	Suppresses error messages due to timeouts and "Program
	     not registered", i.e., due	to remote hosts	not supporting RPC or
	     not running mountd(8).

     -h	name
	     Pretend the local hostname	is name.  This is useful after the lo-
	     cal hostname has been changed and rmtab entries using the old
	     name remain on a remote machine.  Unfortunately, most mountd's
	     will not be able to successfully handle removal of	such entries,
	     so	this option is useful in combination with -v only.

	     This option also saves time as comparisons	of remotely recorded
	     and local hostnames by address are	avoided.

     /etc/mtab	 List of current mounts.

     /etc/rmtab	 Backup	file for remote	mount entries on NFS server.

     mtab(5), rmtab(5),	mountd(8), showmount(8)

     "am-utils"	info(1)	entry.

     Erez Zadok, Linux NFS and Automounter Administration, Sybex, 2001,	ISBN

     Amd - The 4.4 BSD Automounter.

     The fixmount utility appeared in FreeBSD 3.0.

     Jan-Simon Pendry <>, Department of	Computing, Imperial
     College, London, UK.

     Erez Zadok	<>, Department of Computer Science, Colum-
     bia University, New York, USA.

     Other authors and contributors to am-utils	are listed in the AUTHORS file
     distributed with am-utils.

     Andreas Stolcke <>

     Erez Zadok	<>, Computer Science Department, Stony	Brook
     University, Stony Brook, New York,	USA.

     Other authors and contributors to am-utils	are listed in the AUTHORS file
     distributed with am-utils.

     No	attempt	is made	to verify the information in /etc/mtab itself.

     Since swap	file mounts are	not recorded in	/etc/mtab, a heuristic spe-
     cific to SunOS is used to determine whether such a	mount is actual	(re-
     placing the string	"swap" with "root" and verifying the resulting path).

     Symbolic links on the server will cause the path in the remote entry to
     differ from the one in /etc/mtab.	To catch those cases, a	file system is
     also deemed mounted if its	local mount point is identical to the remote
     entry.  I.e., on a	SunOS diskless client,
     server:/export/share/sunos.4.1.1 is actually /usr/share.  Since the local
     mount point is /usr/share as well this will be handled correctly.

     There is no way to	clear a	stale entry in a remote	mountd(8) after	the
     local hostname (or	whatever reverse name resolution returns for it) has
     been changed.  To take care of these cases, the remote /etc/rmtab file
     has to be edited and mountd(8) restarted.

     The RPC timeouts for mountd(8) calls can only be changed by recompiling.
     The defaults are 2	seconds	for client handle creation and 5 seconds for
     RPC calls.

FreeBSD	13.0		       February	26, 2016		  FreeBSD 13.0


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