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FISH_KEY_READER(1)		  fish-shell		    FISH_KEY_READER(1)

       fish_key_reader - explore what characters keyboard keys send

	  fish_key_reader [OPTIONS]

       fish_key_reader	is  used to study input	received from the terminal and
       can help	with key binds.	The program is interactive and works on	 stan-
       dard input. Individual characters themselves and	their hexadecimal val-
       ues are displayed.

       The tool	will write an example bind command matching the	character  se-
       quence  captured	to stdout. If the character sequence matches a special
       key name	(see bind --key-names),	 both bind CHARS ... and bind -k  KEY-
       NAME  ...  usage	will be	shown. Additional details about	the characters
       received, such as the delay between chars, are written to stderr.

       The following options are available:

       o -c or --continuous begins a session where multiple key	sequences  can
	 be  inspected.	 By default the	program	exits after capturing a	single
	 key sequence.

       o -d or --debug=CATEGORY_GLOB enables debug output and specifies	a glob
	 for matching debug categories (like fish -d). Defaults	to empty.

       o -D  or	--debug-stack-frames=DEBUG_LEVEL specify how many stack	frames
	 to display when debug messages	are written. The default  is  zero.  A
	 value	of  3  or  4  is usually sufficient to gain insight into how a
	 given debug call was reached but you can specify a value up to	128.

       o -h or --help prints usage information.

       o -v or --version prints	fish_key_reader's version and exits.

       The delay in milliseconds since the previous character was received  is
       included	in the diagnostic information written to stderr. This informa-
       tion may	be useful to determine the optimal  fish_escape_delay_ms  set-
       ting  or	 learn the amount of lag introduced by tools like ssh, mosh or

       fish_key_reader intentionally disables handling	of  many  signals.  To
       terminate fish_key_reader in --continuous mode do:

       o press Ctrl-C twice, or

       o press Ctrl-D twice, or

       o type exit, or

       o type quit

       2019, fish-shell	developers

3.1				 Aug 11, 2020		    FISH_KEY_READER(1)


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