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FGALLERY(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		   FGALLERY(1)

     fgallery -- static	HTML+JavaScript	photo album generator

     fgallery [-hvsiotrpdf] [-c	methods] [-j N]	[--max-full WxH]
	      [--max-thumb WxH]	[--min-thumb WxH] [--no-sRGB] [--quality Q]
	      [--index URL] input-dir output-dir [album	name]

     fgallery is a static photo	gallery	generator with no frills that has a
     stylish, minimalist look.	fgallery shows your photos, and	nothing	else.
     There is no server-side processing, only static generation.  The result-
     ing gallery can be	uploaded anywhere without additional requirements and
     works with	any modern browser.  JavaScript	is required to view the
     gallery.  The gallery will	feature	a large	area for viewing a single im-
     age, and a	scrollable horizontal or vertical bar with thumbnails.	The
     orientation of the	thumbnail bar will be automatically chosen based on
     the size of the browser window.  The user can click on arrows to go to
     the next or previous image	or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to do
     the same.	The user can also click	on the thumbnails to quickly go	to an-
     other image.  Each	image has a unique anchor tag, and the user can
     copy&paste	the URL	from the address bar of	the browser which will point
     to	the currently displayed	image.	Clicking on the	previewed image	will
     display the original at full resolution, unless th	-s option is used.

     fgallery reads in JPEG, PNG and TIFF images, and automatically generates
     preview images, backdrops and thumbnails using ImageMagick(1).  It	will
     automatically correct the orientation of the generated images using EXIF
     tags in the original images, using	either exiftran(1) or exifautotran(1).
     It	can also optimize the generation of thumbnails by centering on faces
     if	the -f option is used and facedetect(1)	is installed.  The generated
     images are	automatically optimized	using jpegoptim(1) and/or pngcrush(1)
     if	these programs are installed.  If the original images contain color
     profiles, then the	generated images will be converted to the sRGB col-
     orspace using tificc(1) if	that program is	installed, unless the
     --no-sRGB option is used.

     fgallery can also add captions to images. These can either	be read	from
     the EXIF headers (using the Title,	Description and	optionally the Comment
     tags), or from an external	file (using the	same filename as the image but
     with a .txt or .xmp extension).  The -c option can	be used	to control
     which methods of caption extraction will be used.

     You have to manually specify the directory	with the original image	files
     and the desired output directory for the web gallery.  Optionally,	you
     can specify a title for the gallery.  By default, the gallery will	in-
     clude a downloadable ZIP archive with the complete	photo album, unless
     either the	-d or -s option	is used.  After	the gallery has	been gener-
     ated, you may have	to change the file permissions using chmod(1) to allow
     them to be	read by	others.

     -h, --help
	     Display a list of options.

     -v	     Verbose output (show commands as being executed).

     -s	     Slim output (no original files and	downloads).

     -i	     Include individual	originals in the generated album.

     -o	     Do	not auto-orient	images.

     -t	     Do	not sort images	on time.

     -r	     Reverse the order of the images.

     -p	     Do	not automatically include full-sized panoramas.

     -d	     Do	not generate a full album download.

     -f	     Improve thumbnail cutting by performing face detection.  Requires
	     facedetect(1) to be installed.

     -c	methods
	     Set the caption extraction	method (txt, xmp, exif,	cmt or none).
	     Multiple methods can be specified by giving a comma-separated
	     list.  The	default	is txt,xmp,exif.

     -j	N    Use N threads to process the images.

     --max-full	WxH
	     Set the maximum full image	size to	WxH pixels. The	default	is
	     1600x1200 pixels.

     --max-thumb WxH
	     Set the maximum size of thumbnails	to WxH pixels. The default is
	     267x200 pixels.

     --min-thumb WxH
	     Set the minimum size of thumbnails	to WxH pixels. The default is
	     150x112 pixels.

	     Do	not try	to remap preview and thumbnail image color profiles to

     --quality Q
	     Set the JPEG quality of the preview images	to Q.  The default is

     --index URL
	     Specify the URL location for the index and	back buttons.

     ImageMagick(1), exiftran(1), exifautotran(1), jpegoptim(1), pngcrush(1),
     tificc(1),	facedetect(1) (see

     fgallery was written by Yuri D'Elia <>.

			       January 24, 2021


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