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FELIS(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		      FELIS(1)

     felis -- File Contents Display (v1.0)

     felis [inputfile ...]

     The felis utility sends the contents of text files	to stdout.  Unlike
     cat, felis	combines any number of white space (including new lines) into
     a single blank, displaying	the entire contents on a single	line.

     It	strips any leading and trailing	blanks,	but inserts a blank space be-
     tween files.

     With some files the effect	of felis could be emulated by something	like

	   echo	`cat inputfile ...`

     Alas, that	does not always	work. Hence the	need for felis as a separate

     The felis utility exits 0 on success. Otherwise, the exit value equals
     the number	of files felis could not open.

   Displaying Files
	   felis inputfile ...

     Inputfile is one or more text files.

     If	no inputfile is	listed,	felis reads its	input from stdin.

     The input contents	can be in plain	ASCII, in any of the ISO-8859 encod-
     ings, as well as in UTF-8.

	   sendmail `felis customers friends` _	message

     This will send the	contents of message to addresses listed	in customers
     and friends.

     Here is an	example	of a CGI shell script:

	   echo	Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8
	   script.cgi |	felis

     This will combine the HTML	output of script.cgi into a single line, which
     can save bandwidth.

     Note that the HTTP	header is sent out separately because it must end with
     two new lines, which felis	would strip otherwise.

     Both felis	and this manual	page were written by G.	Adam Stanislav

     The word felis is Latin for cat.

				  13 May 2000


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