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FBCOLOR(1)			    BRL-CAD			    FBCOLOR(1)

       fbcolor - interactively pick colors

       fbcolor [-h] [-S	screen squaresize] [-W screen width]
	       [-N screen height]

       Fbcolor is an interactive color picking facility. It allows you to pick
       and display colors, by varying parameters in either RGB (red, green,
       blue) or	HSI (hue, saturation, intensity) space.	The environment

       FB_FILE is used to select the display device (see brlcad(1)). If	this
       variable	is not set, the	default	device for your	system will be used.
       If the -h option	is used, 1024x1024 resolution is used. Alternatively,
       the -SWN	options	can all	be used	in the normal way to specify the size
       of the screen (see brlcad(1)).

       Fbcolor draws a set of color bars in the	lower left corner of the
       display,	sets the remainder of the display to the current color,	then
       starts reading standard in for color editing commands. As you change
       the various parameters which specify the	color, the color bars grow and
       shrink to show the relative red,	green and blue intensities.

       At the same time, fbcolor displays the current RGB and HSI values on
       your terminal. This allows you to record	the RGB	or HSI values of the
       colors you select for later use.

       Fbcolor recognizes two main sets	of commands; those which select	which
       parameter to edit, and those which vary the value of the	selected
       parameter. ``r'', ``g'',	and ``b'' selects the red, green, or blue
       color for editing, while	``h'', ``s'', and ``i'', (or ``v'') selects
       the hue,	saturation, or intensity for editing. There is one other
       parameter selection character, the ``/'', which steps through the list
       of color	parameters in the order	given above.

       ``+'' and ``.'' both increment the currently selected parameter by one;
       ``-'' and ``,'' both decrement by one, and ``>''	and ``<'' increments
       and decrements by 16. The value of each of the parameters can range
       from 0 to 255 and all parameters	wrap in	both directions.

       A ``?'' prints a	short command summary, and typing ``q'', ``Q'',
       ``<CR>'', or ``<LF>'' exits the program.

       brlcad(1), fbclear(1), fbcmap(1)

       BRL-CAD Team

       This software is	Copyright (c) 1989-2013	by the United States
       Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

       Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to

BRL-CAD				  07/08/2017			    FBCOLOR(1)


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