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       faxsetup	- setup	a machine for use with HylaFAX

       /usr/local/sbin/faxsetup	[ -client ] [ -server ]	[ -with-VAR[=value] ]

       faxsetup	 is  an	interactive shell script that does the necessary setup
       work to configure a client or server machine for	the HylaFAX  software.
       faxsetup	 must  be run on every HylaFAX server machine before the soft-
       ware will function-if a HylaFAX server program or script	is invoked be-
       fore  faxsetup  is run, the command will	abort with a message that says
       to run faxsetup.	 faxsetup may optionally be run	on  a  HylaFAX	client
       machine to verify the configuration of the software.

       By  default  faxsetup checks a machine for use both as a	HylaFAX	client
       and server.  Client-specific checks include:

       o  the installation of client programs and data,

       o  the installation of the Adobe	Font Metric  (AFM)  information	 files
	  used by the HylaFAX text formatting support.

       Server-specific checks include:

       o  the installation of server programs and data,

       o  the existence	of the UUCP lock file directory,

       o  the installation of the TIFF software	tools,

       o  the  configuration  of the getty programs invoked for	data and voice

       o  the pathnames	for various  system  programs  used  by	 server	 shell

       o  proper support for FIFO special files,

       o  proper installation of a POSTSCRIPT RIP,

       o  definition of	a ``fax'' user,

       o  definitions for the ``hylafax'' and ``snpp'' services,

       o  startup of the HylaFAX server	processes: faxq(8C) and	hfaxd(8C),

       o  definition  of a ``FaxMaster'' mail alias for	reporting server prob-

       For server machines faxsetup also creates two files that	 are  required
       by the HylaFAX command scripts.	One file contains master configuration
       parameters and the other	contains various definitions used  by  scripts
       such as faxaddmodem(8C) that communicate	with modems.

       -client	 Do client-specific consistency	checks.

       -server	 Do server-specific consistency	checks.

		 Override the default definition for the configuration parame-
		 ter named VAR;	optionally specifying a	new value (if no value
		 is  specified	then  ``yes''  is used).  This option is espe-
		 cially	useful to override the default settings	for the	 POST-
		 SCRIPT	 interpreter  package  to use (e.g. ``-with-PS=dps''),
		 the spooling directory	(``-with-DIR_SPOOL=/mumble''), the di-
		 rectory  where	the tool applications of TIFF software distri-
		 bution	are located (``-with-TIFFBIN=/usr/freeware''), etc.  A
		 complete  list	 of  the  possible  parameters can be found by
		 looking at the	contents of the	faxsetup shell script; many of
		 these	configuration parameters are also described in the on-
		 line documentation

       -help	 Print a help message and terminate.

       -quiet	 Do not	print verbose messages to the terminal.

       -verbose	 Print informative messages to the terminal (default).

       faxsetup	does not query a modem to find out its capabilities  when  in-
       voking the faxmodem program to setup a server in	a send-only configura-
       tion; it	may be necessary to run	faxmodem manually.

       /var/spool/hylafax/etc/setup.cache    master configuration parameters
       /var/spool/hylafax/etc/setup.modem    modem-related configuration support

       Consult hylafax-server(5F) for a	complete discussion of	the  structure
       and content of the spooling area.

       hylafax-server(5F),  hylafax-config(5F),	faxq(8C), faxgetty(8C),	faxmo-
       dem(8C),	faxconfig(8C), faxsend(8C)

				August 26, 1996			  FAXSETUP(8C)


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