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       faxqclean - HylaFAX queue cleaner process

       /usr/local/sbin/faxqclean [ options ]

       faxqclean  is  a	 program that processes	completed HylaFAX jobs and ex-
       punges unreferenced document files.  This program is intended to	be in-
       voked  by  cron(8C) on behalf of	the super user (i.e. root) one or more
       times a day.  For example, the following	crontab	entry might  be	 setup
       for root	to run faxqclean each hour.
	 0   *	  *    *    *	/usr/local/sbin/faxqclean

       When  faxqclean	is  run	it scans the doneq subdirectory	in the HylaFAX
       spooling	area and process each job according to the doneop field	speci-
       fied  in	 the  job  description	file;  c.f.  sendq(5F).	 Jobs that are
       marked for removal are purged and references to documents are  removed.
       Jobs  that are marked for archival may be archived depending on the op-
       tions supplied on the command line.

       After scanning for completed jobs faxqclean scans the docq subdirectory
       and builds up a table of	document files.	 Files that are	not referenced
       by any job and that are older than a specified threshold	are removed.

       -a	 Enable	job archiving support.

       -A	 This option forces archiving even if 'doneop'	in  the	 queue
		 file  is  not	'archive', i.e.	even if	the user submitted the
		 job without specifying	the -A flag to sendfax

       -j secs	 Set the job age threshold (in seconds)	that controls how long
		 jobs  may  reside  in	the  doneq directory before being pro-
		 cessed.  By default this value	is 15  minutes	(15*60	=  900

       -d secs	 Set the document age threshold	(in seconds) that controls how
		 long unreferenced files may reside in the docq	directory  be-
		 fore being removed.  By default this value is 1 hour (60*60 =
		 3600 seconds).

       -n	 Do not	carry out any work; just  show	what  would  be	 done.
		 This  option is useful	together with the -t option for	debug-

       -q dir	 The specified directory is treated as the spooling area.  The
		 default  spooling area, /var/spool/hylafax, is	defined	at the
		 time the software is built.

       -t	 Trace in great	detail exactly what faxqclean is doing.	  Mes-
		 sages are sent	to the standard	output.

       -v	 Print	messages  on the standard output about jobs removed or
		 archived and about document files removed.

       /var/spool/hylafax/doneq	     directory to scan for completed jobs
       /var/spool/hylafax/docq	     directory to scan for unreferenced	documents
       /var/spool/hylafax/archive    directory where archived jobs are placed

       Consult hylafax-server(5F) for a	complete discussion of	the  structure
       and content of the spooling area.

       faxq(8C), hylafax-server(5F), sendq(5F),	doneq(5F), archive(5F).

				March 14, 1996			 FAXQCLEAN(8C)


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