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fax(1)			     mgetty+sendfax manual			fax(1)

       fax - fax sending and receiving with mgetty+sendfax

       faxspool	[options] phone-number file

       faxrm job-id

       faxq [options]

       faxrunq [options]

       faxrunqd	[options]

       sendfax [options] phone-number file

       mgetty [options]	tty

       pbm2g3 [options]	[pbm-file]

       g32pbm [options]	[pbm-file]

       g3cat [options] [g3-file(s)]

       This manpage very briefly describes every program from the mgetty+send-
       fax fax/modem software suite. For details, see the  manpages  for  each

       faxspool	is used	to queue jobs for later	transmission by	fax.  faxspool
       accepts different input formats,	converts them into the	proper	format
       required	 by sendfax and	places the jobs	into the outgoing spool	direc-

       faxq displays the current FAX work queue.

       faxrm removes one or more jobs from the current	fax  work  queue.  You
       have to specify the job id (returned by faxq) on	the command line.

       faxrunq	processes  all the faxes in the	fax work queue,	and sends them
       one-by-one.  If transmission isn't possible, the	job  will  be  retried
       later.  While meant to be run from cron,	faxrunq	can as well be started
       from the	shell (but you must have access	 to  the  fax  queue  and  the
       modems, which means you must be 'root' or 'root')

       faxrunqd	 is  a replacement for faxrunq to be used in environments that
       send a high number of faxes per day, or need more flexibility.

       sendfax is the backend used by faxrunq for actually sending the fax. It
       is  not meant to	be ever	called directly, but can be used in own	appli-

       faxq-helper is a	helper program that is	used  by  faxspool,  faxq  and
       faxrm  to  access the fax spool directory (which	is not world-writeable
       since mgetty version 1.1.29).

       mgetty is the part of the program suite that  handles  incoming	calls.
       Data calls are handled as getty does it (login, shell), while fax calls
       are  handled   internally.   The	  received   faxes   are   stored   in
       /var/spool/fax/incoming.	See the	mgetty(8) manpage for details.	mgetty
       can not be called directly, it must be called by	/etc/init.

       pbm2g3 is used to convert portable bitmaps to G3	fax  data  (for	 send-
       fax).  Do  not use the pbmtog3 program from the pbmplus or netpbm tool-
       kit, it will create broken G3 data.

       g32pbm is used to convert received faxes	(which are stored in  G3  for-
       mat)  to	 portable bitmap format. PBM can be converted to other formats
       with the	named pbmplus toolkit.

       g3cat is	used to	concat multiple	G3 files, as cat does with text	files.

	      outgoing fax spool directory

	      incoming faxes

	      The cover	page program, faxq-helper, and a few font  files  live

	      most configuration files for mgetty and sendfax live here.

	      mgetty, sendfax and faxrunqd live	here

	      all the other programs

	      global fax alias file

	      private fax alias	file

	      list of allowed users

	      list of denied users

	      fax page header

	      program to create	fax cover page (see coverpg(1)).

	      login configuration file for mgetty.

	      caller ID	setup file for mgetty (optional).

	      runtime configuration file for mgetty (not implemented yet).

	      runtime configuration file for sendfax (optional).

       Look into the responding	man pages.

       faxspool(1),  faxq(1),  faxrunq(1),  faxrunqd(8), sendfax(8), faxrm(1),
       mgetty(8), pbm2g3(1), g32pbm(1),	g3cat(1), faxqueue(5),	mgettydefs(4),

       The mgetty+sendfax program suite	is Copyright (C) 1993-2002 by Gert Do-
       ering, <>.  Parts of the programs kindly donated  by
       Chris Lewis, Paul Sutcliffe, Klaus Weidner, and numerous	others.

greenie				   23 Nov 02				fax(1)


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