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FAUP(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual		       FAUP(1)

     faup -- Finally An	Url Parser!

     faup [-ablptu] [-d	delim]
	  [-f scheme | credential | subdomain |	domain | domain_without_tld | host | tld | port	| resource_path	| query_string | fragment]
	  [-m module1 module2 ...] [-o csv | json | module] [-r	count]
	  [-w ip:port] <url | file>

     Everytime faup is called with an url or a file containing a list of URLs,
     it	will split the various parts of	it.

     faup is designed to be really fast	to do that operation, much faster than
     a regex, and give you much	more features. The problem is harder than what
     it	first appears. If you want to get fields like subdomains from an URL,
     you will need to extract the TLD properly.	And since extracting the TLD
     properly is impossible with a regex, you will be stuck.

     The following options are available:

     -a	     skip provided argument file open check

     -b	     Run the webserver in background

     -d	delim
	     Use delim as the field delimiter character	instead	of the comma

     -f	field
	     Extract only the wanted field which can be	one of the following:
	     scheme, credential, subdomain, domain, domain_without_tld,	host,
	     tld, port,	resource_path, query_string, fragment

     -l	     Prefix each line with the line number. Works only if the output
	     is	CSV.

     -m	module1	module2	..
	     Load the modules in the wanted order. If the list is empty, faup
	     will run without any module.

     -o	format
	     Output in the wanted format which can be one of the following:
	     csv, json,	module

     -p	     print the header (applies to CSV only)

     -r	count
	     Remove the	count number of	characters from	the end. Useful	to re-
	     move the dot in DNS urls given.

     -t	     do	not extract TLD	> 1 (eg. only get 'uk' instead of '')

     -u	     Update the	TLD suffix list

     -w	ip:port
	     Start faup	in webserver mode

     The faup utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

     Extract the TLD from

	   faup	-f tld

     Run faup in webserver mode	in background:

	   faup	-b -w

     List all the available modules:

	   faup	$ modules list all

     Enable the	uppercase lua module:

	   faup	$ modules enable uppercase.lua

     Output the	wanted url in json

	   faup	-o json

     The following environment variable	affects	the exectution of faup :

     FAUP_DATA_DIR   If	the environment	variable FAUP_DATA_DIR is set, tell
		     faup where	to find	its datadir, to	get modules or the tld
		     prefix list ('mozilla.tlds')

BSD				 May 31, 2020				   BSD


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