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FAIRLAND(6)			 Games Manual			   FAIRLAND(6)

       fairland	- Empire land generator

       fairland	 [-ahioqv]  [-e	configfile] [-R	seed] [-s scriptout] nc	sc [ni
       [is [sp [pm [di [id]]]]]]

       fairland	is a program which creates land	and ore	for Empire.  It	should
       be run after files has been run and before emp_server has been started.
       This is a land generator	for empire that	creates	a specified number  of
       continents,  and	 spaces	them evenly accross the	map.  It tries to make
       all of them the same size, and makes sure that  they  don't  meet.   It
       gives  each start island	exactly	the same distribution of resources and
       the same	number of mountains.  You can get nearly any kind of  map  you
       want by choosing	the right arguments.

       -a     mark  the	continents with	a * so that you	can tell them from the

       -e configfile
	      Use game configuration in	configfile.

       -h     Help.  Print brief usage information and exit.

       -i     islands will crash into each other and merge

       -o     do not set the resources.	 If you	use this flag, then  you  will
	      need to set the resources	yourself.

       -q     run quietly without printing anything to the terminal

       -R seed
	      Use  seed	 as seed for the pseudo-random number generator. T his
	      can be used to reproduce a previously created world.   The  seed
	      used to generate a world is printed along	with the map.

       -s scriptout
	      writes  a	 script	 for placing capitol to	the file scriptout (If
	      you don't	specify	this argument, then the	script will be written
	      to "newcap_script".)

       -v     Print version information	and exit.

       nc     number of	continents

       sc     continent	size

       ni     number of	islands	(optional, default = nc)

       is     average size of islands (optional, default = sc/2)

       sp     spike percentage:	0 = round, 100 = snake (default	= 10)

       pm     the percentage of	land that is mountain (default = 0)

       di     the minimum distance between continents (default = 2)

       id     minimum distance from islands to continents (default = 1)

       Ken Stevens <>



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