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ezmlmrc(5)		      File Formats Manual		    ezmlmrc(5)

       ezmlmrc - ezmlm-make configuration file


       ezmlmrc	is  a  file  that  configures ezmlm-make(1) for	setting	up new
       lists.  ezmlmrc if a plain text with four types of tags.	All  start  in
       the  first  position of the line.  No other text	is allowed on the same
       line. For security reasons, no periods are allowed anywhere in  a  tag.
       Any  line with a	``#'' in position 1 is ignored,	as is any text preced-
       ing the first tag.

       The first line in ezmlmrc is unique. It should start in position	1 with
       ``x.yz'',  where	 ``x'' is the major version number, ``y'' a minor ver-
       sion number, and	``z'' a	bugfix	version	 number.   ezmlm-make(1)  will
       print  a	 warning message if it is used with an ezmlmrc file that lacks
       the version identifier, or with an ezmlmrc  file	 that  has  a  version
       identifier  that	 differs in either major or minor version numbers from
       the ezmlm-make version.

       The ezmlmrc file	is processed top down. Text preceding the first	tag is
       ignored.	  Subsequently,	one and	only one file is open for writing. Any
       text encountered	in ezmlmrc is copied to	that file as  is  with	a  few
       substitutions  (see  below).  Text following conditional	tags is	copied
       only if the condition is	met. A file is automatically closed when a new
       file  is	 opened.  Opening  a file overwrites any preexisting file with
       that name.  Tags	are:

	      The following text will be copied	to dir/filename	if the options
	      specified	 after the ``#'' are active, in	this case archived and
	      not indexed.  Any	number of flags	can be specified. This is used
	      to  adapt	the files and messages to the type of list created. If
	      no flags are used, the ``#'' can be omitted. If the file name is
	      the same as the previous tag, or if it is	omitted, the text will
	      be added to the previous file.  When a new file  is  opened  the
	      previous	file is	closed.	Attempts to add	more text to a already
	      closed file overwrites its contents.  For	 all  letter  switches
	      (except -cCvV), upper and	lower case tags	are opposite and mutu-
	      ally exclusive. Thus, if -g is specified,	-G is not set  and  if
	      -G is set, -g is not.

	      The tag #E has special meaning. It is false if the list is being
	      edited, e.g.  ezmlm-make -e or +,	but true if  switches  -ee  or
	      -++  are	used,  or  if ezmlm-make local is specified. Thus, for
	      normal edits with	unchanged list name, the files tagged with  #E
	      are  not	overwritten (preserving	manual customizations),	but if
	      the list name changes or if explicitly specified by -ee  or  -++
	      the #E switch is ignored.

	      This is an alternative way of specifying ``if switch -5 is spec-
	      ified and	the -i switch is not specified''.  ``^''  is  used  as

	      dir/filename  will be erased, if the options after the ``#'' are
	      active, in this case not archived	and edit.  An  alternative  to
	      specify  that  a flag, e.g. ``4''	should not be active is	to use

	      The directory ``directory'' is created if	 the  flags  specified
	      are  active, in this case	archived and not indexed.  If no flags
	      are specified, the ``#'' can be omitted.

	      dot-link is symlinked to dir/directory if	 the  flags  specified
	      are  active, in this case	archived and not indexed.  If no flags
	      are specified, the ``#'' can be omitted.

       ezmlm-make substitutes the following tags anywhere  within  files  when
       they  are  (re)created.	 Other	tags  of this format are copied	to the
       files as	is.

       <#B#>  The path to the ezmlm-idx	binaries.

       <#C#>  digestcode

       <#D#>  dir

       <#F#>  The alphanumeric flags  given  to	 ezmlm-make  concatenated  to-

       <#H#>  host

       <#L#>  local

       <#T#>  dot

       <#0#>  The argument for -0.

       <#1#>  The part of dot between the first	two hyphens (if	any).

       <#2#>  The part of dot between the second and third hyphen (if any).

	      The argument to -3..-9.

       Before  the template file is processed, ezmlm-make will create the list
       directory.  ezmlm-make will also	create dir/key.

       The ezmlmrc file	is preconfigured to act	upon ezmlm-make(1) switches to
       produce the results as described	in the ezmlm-make(1) man page.	A num-
       ber of files are	created	via ezmlmrc  independently  of	any  switches.
       These are dir/headeradd adding ``Precedence: bulk'' and ``X-No-Archive:
       yes'' to	outgoing messages,  and	 dir/headerremove  removing  ``Return-
       Path'',	``Return-Receipt-To'',	``Content-length'', and	``Precedence''
       from list messages.  These files	are not	 overwritten  when  lists  are

       dir/bouncer  and	 dir/digest/bouncer are	set up to invoke ezmlm-weed(1)
       and ezmlm-return(1) to handle bounces.  In addition to switch-dependent
       lines,  an invocation of	ezmlm-warn(1) is placed	at the end of dir/edi-
       tor, dir/manager, and dir/owner to process the contents of  the	bounce
       directory.   ezmlm-reject(1)  is	placed first in	dir/editor (unless the
       -0 mainlist@mainhost switch is used) to reject undesirable messages.

       Below is	a description of the switches and the  consequences  the  have
       for  list creation with the standard ezlmrc file.  emzlm-make(1)	by de-
       fault sets the -a, and -p switches.

       -a     dir/archived and dir/indexed are	created.   dir/text/bottom  is
	      adjusted to mention archive access.  -A dir/archived and dir/in-
	      dexed are	removed.

       -b     Block archive.  dir/modgetonly is	created	to allow only  modera-
	      tors archive access.

       -B     dir/modgetonly is	removed.

       -d     dir/digested is created, signalling to programs to send digests.

       -D     dir/digested is removed, signalling to not send digests.

       -f     The  text	 ``[local]''  is placed	in dir/prefix resulting	in the
	      text being used as the list's subject index.

       -F     dir/prefix is removed.

       -g     dir/subgetonly is	created, signalling ezmlm-get(1) to only allow
	      subscribers to access the	archive.

       -G     dir/subgetonly  is  removed, signalling ezmlm-get(1) That	anyone
	      can access the archive if	archive	(access) in general is enabled
	      (see  -p	for  ``public'', -a for	``archived'', and -i for ``in-

       -i     dir/threaded is created to signal	ezmlm-archive(1) to run	as ap-
	      propriate	 after	messages  are posted.  This sets up the	cross-
	      reference	for ezmlm-cgi(1) WWW access.

       -I     dir/threaded is removed.

       -j     dir/nounsubconfirm is created to signal ezmlm-manage(1)  to  not
	      require confirmation after unsubscription	requests.

       -J     dir/nounsubconfirm is removed.

       -l     dir/modcanlist is	created	to signal ezmlm-manage(1) to allow re-
	      trieval of subscriber list and list log  by  remote  administra-
	      tors.   NOTE:  This is pointless,	unless the list	is also	set up
	      for remote administration	with the -r switch.

       -L     dir/modcanlist is	removed, disallowing access to the  subscriber
	      list under any circumstances.

       -m     Message  moderation.   dir/modpost  is  created,	which  signals
	      ezmlm-store(1) to	store messages and  forward  confirmation  re-
	      quests  to  the moderators.  Special action is taken when	the -m
	      switch is	combined with -u.  In this case, the  handling	is  as
	      for  the	-m  switch alone, but dir/editor is set	up with	ezmlm-
	      gate(1) which will fork ezmlm-send(1) for	posts with an envelope
	      sender  that  is	a  subscriber  or  a moderator,	and for	ezmlm-
	      store(1) for posts with other envelope senders. The  consequence
	      is  that	posts  from  subscribers  (with	 the usual caveats for
	      SENDER checks) are posted	directly, whereas other	posts are sent
	      for moderation.

       -M     dir/modpost is removed, undoing the changes above.

       -n     Allow text file editing.	dir/modcanedit is created to signal to
	      allow remote admins to via E-mail	edit the files	in  dir/text/.
	      NOTE:  This is pointless,	unless the list	is also	set up for re-
	      mote administration with the -r switch.

       -N     dir/modcanedit is	 removed  to  disallow	editing	 of  files  in

       -o     dir/modpostonly  is  created  to signal ezmlm-store(1) ro	reject
	      posts from non-moderators	on moderated lists rather than sending
	      them for moderation. This	is for some announcement lists.

       -O     dir/modpostonly is removed.

       -p     Public.	dir/public is created, signaling ezmlm-get(1) to allow
	      archive retrieval	attempts, and ezmlm-manage(1)  to  allow  sub-
	      scription	and unsubscription attempts.

       -P     Not public.  dir/public is removed.

       -r     Remote  admin.   dir/remote is created to	signal ezmlm-manage(1)
	      to allow remote administration of	mailing	lists.

       -R     dir/remote is removed.

       -s     Subscription moderation.	dir/modsub is created to signal	ezmlm-
	      manage(1)	to forward confirmed subscription requests to the mod-
	      erators for approval.  The unsubscription	process	is unchanged.

       -S     dir/modsub is removed.

       -t     dir/addtrailer is	created	to signal ezmlm-send(1)	to include the
	      trailer  portions	 in dir/text/trailer in	messages posted	to the

       -T     dir/addtrailer is	removed.

       -u     Subscriber-only posts.   dir/subpostonly	is  created  to	 allow
	      posts  only  from	 subscribers.  ezmlm-checksub(1) is checks the
	      envelope sender against the subscriber  address  databases.   If
	      the  sender  is not found, the post is rejected. This results in
	      subscriber-only posts, with the usual caveats for	SENDER checks.
	      Special  action is taken when the	-u switch is combined with -m.
	      In this case, the	setup is as  for  the  -m  switch  alone,  but
	      ezmlm-gate(1) will execute ezmlm-send(1) for posts with an enve-
	      lope sender that is a subscriber or a moderator, and will	other-
	      wise  moderate  the message.  The	consequence is that posts from
	      subscribers (with	the  usual  caveats  for  SENDER  checks)  are
	      posted  directly,	 whereas  other	posts are sent for moderation.
	      Also, dir/noreturnposts is  created  to  silently	 drop  ignored
	      posts rather than	returning them to their	senders.

       -U     dir/subpostonly is removed.

       -w     dir/nowarn is created to signal ezmlm-warn(1) to do no work.

       -W     dir/nowarn is removed.

       -x     dir/mimeremove  is  created  containing many MIME	types not rou-
	      tinely supported.	 MIME types  in	 dir/mimeremove	 are  stripped
	      from multipart posts before archiving and	distribution.  To view
	      the list of MIME types, see ezmlmrc or create a  list  and  view
	      dir/mimeremove.	In  addition dir/msgsize is created containing
	      ``30000:2'' causing ezmlm-reject(1) to  reject  all  posts  that
	      have  a  body  of	 less  than 2 bytes (empty) or more than 30000
	      bytes (too large).

       -y     Confirm postings.	 dir/confirmpost is created to	signal	ezmlm-
	      store(1)	to  send  a  confirmation  probe to the	sender of each

       -Y     dir/confirmpost is removed.

       -0 mainlist@mainhost
	      dir/sublist is created with  ``mainlist@mainhost''.   dir/ezmlm-
	      reject  is  not  used  in	dir/editor to avoid rejecting messages
	      that the main list has accepted.

       -3 fromarg
	      The list is set up to add	``from'' to dir/headerremove and From:
	      fromarg  to dir/headeradd.  This replaces	the incoming ``From:''
	      header as	desirable for some announcement	lists.

       -4 tstdigopts
	      tstdigopts will be used as  the  arguments  for  in  dir/editor.
	      This  must  be  both switches and	their arguments	for ezmlm-tst-
	      dig(1).  NOTE: This is pointless,	unless the list	is also	set up
	      for digests with the -d switch.

       -5 owner@ownerhost
	      owner@ownerhost  is  placed in dir/owner so that mail to ``list-
	      owner'' is forwarded to that address, rather than	 being	stored
	      in  dir/Mailbox.	 If  the address does not start	with an	under-
	      score or alphanumeric character, the argument must start with an

       -6 plugin:host:port:user:password:datab:table
	      The  string,  followed  by the list name is placed in dir/subdb,
	      indicating what subscriber database  plugin  and	parameters  to

       -7 /msgmodPath
	      msgmodPath  is  placed  in dir/modpost is	the list is set	up for
	      message moderation with the -m switch.

       -8 /submodPath
	      submodPath is placed in dir/modsub is the	list  is  set  up  for
	      subscription moderation with the -s switch.

       -9 /remoteAdminPath
	      remoteAdminPath  is  placed  in dir/remote is the	list is	set up
	      for remote administration	with the -r switch.

       ezmlm(5),  ezmlm-checksub(1),  ezmlm-clean(1),  ezmlm-gate(1),	ezmlm-
       get(1),	ezmlm-issubn(1),  ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm-manage(1), ezmlm-moder-
       ate(1),	ezmlm-request(1),   ezmlm-return(1),   ezmlm-send(1),	ezmlm-
       store(1), ezmlm-tstdig(1), ezmlm-warn(1),

4th Berkeley Distribution					    ezmlmrc(5)


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