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ezmlm-limit(1)							ezmlm-limit(1)

       ezmlm-limit - Limits traffic to list

       ezmlm-limit [ -f	file ][	-dDF ][	-t secs	][ -n msgs ] dir

       ezmlm-limit  is	intended to limit traffic to a list in case an outside
       source sends excessive messages.	Traffic	is limited by  converting  the
       list to a message moderated list, or by deferring messages.

       ezmlm-limit reads dir/loopnum.  If it does not exist or contains	a time
       stamp more than secs seconds old, it is updated.	 If  it	 exists,  con-
       tains  a	 time  stamp  less than	secs seconds old, and msgs messages or
       more have passed	since dir/loopnum  was	created,  ezmlm-limit  creates
       dir/modpost.   For  lists  set  up  with	ezmlm-store(1) this results in
       future messages being moderated.

       As long as dir/modpost does not exist, ezmlm-store(1) will simply  for-
       ward  the  message to ezmlm-send(1).  Once dir/modpost exists, messages
       will be queued for moderation. Thus, in case of error (such as  miscon-
       figured	auto  responders) subscribers are spared messages in excess of
       the limit. However, no messages are lost, since	the  moderator(s)  can
       (selectively) approve queued messages.

       If dir/modpost already exists, ezmlm-limit will not take	any action.

       Resetting the list requires manual removal of dir/modpost.  Queued mes-
       sages can be managed with regular moderation or approved	in  bulk  with

       ezmlm-limit  is	not  required  for normal lists, since qmail and ezmlm
       loop detection prevent problems caused by regular bounces. However,  it
       affords some protection against malice, and severely misconfigured sub-

       -d     Defer excess traffic. Excess messages  are  deferred  and	 qmail
	      will  re-deliver.	As a consequence, traffic will be throttled to
	      the maximum allowed. Due to qmail	 delivery  back-off,  messages
	      may  not	be  disseminated  in the order received. If traffic is
	      continuously above or close to the limit,	some messages  may  be
	      delayed for a long time or even bounced.

       -D     (Default.)   Make	 the  list  moderated  once  excess traffic is
	      detected.	This requires the list to be configured	up with	ezmlm-
	      store(1)	rather	than  ezmlm-send(1),  which is easiest done by
	      first creating a message moderated list, then removing  dir/mod-

       -n msgs
	      Trigger after msgs messages (default 30).

       -f file
	      Instead  of  dir/loopnum use file	as the time stamp. This	allows
	      the use of multiple instances of ezmlm-limit for the same	 list.
	      For  instance,  you  may	allow  60  messages  per hour with one
	      instance and 150 messages	per day	with another. If file is rela-
	      tive, this is relative to	dir.

       -F     (Default.)  Use dir/loopnum as the time stamp.

       -t secs
	      Check  the  number  of  messages	within	period of secs seconds
	      (default 3600 seconds).

       ezmlm-accept(1),	ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm-send(1), ezmlm-store(1), ezmlm(5)



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