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ezmlm-gate(1)		    General Commands Manual		 ezmlm-gate(1)

       ezmlm-gate - Gate posts depending on message SENDER

       ezmlm-gate  [-0cCmMpPrRsSvVyY]  [-q  file] dir [modsubdir1] [modsubdir2

       ezmlm-gate checks if SENDER is in it least one of the subscriber	 lists
       with base directory dir/modsubdir1, dir/modsubdir2, etc.	 If it is, the
       message is posted via ezmlm-send	to the list in dir.  If	not, the  mes-
       sage is sent for	moderation via ezmlm-store.  The named subscriber list
       directories must	be either relative to dir or fall within dir.

       The default is to send the message for moderation.

       -cCQrR Passed on	to ezmlm-send(1) and ezmlm-store(1).

	      Passed on	to ezmlm-store(1).

       -q file
	      Execute arbitration programs in file.  Lines in  file  are  exe-
	      cuted just like in regular .qmail	files with the difference that
	      all lines	are assumed to be  program  names.  See	 dot-qmail(5).
	      Programs	are executed by	/bin/sh	and the	message	is on stdin of
	      the executed program.  The leading ``|'' is  optional.  Comments
	      and blank	lines are allowed. If a	program	exits 111, delivery is
	      deferred.	If it exits 99,	the message is sent to the list. If it
	      exits  0,	 the next line is executed. If it exits	with any other
	      exit code, the message is	sent for moderation. Subscriber	status
	      per  modsubdir1, modsubdir2, etc,	is tested only if all the pro-
	      grams have been executed and the final exit  code	 is  0.	 Thus,
	      programs	can cause moderation (100), posting (99), or defer the
	      decision to the next program and ultimately to  subscriber  sta-

       -0     Instead  of  running  ezmlm-store(1) or ezmlm-send(1), print (to
	      stdout) the command and arguments	that would have	been run.

       -v     Display version information.

       -V     Display version information.

       ezmlm-gate is best used if you want to restrict posts to	a set  of  ad-
       dresses	using SENDER checks. Obviously,	this is	not secure, but	it can
       help quite a bit	to keep	garbage	off the	list. For more secure  setups,
       see ezmlm-store(1).  For	other arbitration such as SPAM protection, use
       the -q option. For instance, invoking ezmlm-reject(1) here would	 cause
       failing messages	to be sent for moderation rather that being rejected.

       Set up the list with a ezmlm-gate line in dir/editor and	touch dir/mod-
       post.  Add the moderator(s) (usually the	list owner):


       This will via ezmlm-send	directly distribute all	posts from  subscriber
       addresses  and send out the rest	for moderation to the moderator(s) via
       ezmlm-store.  To	test several subscriber	databases, e.g.	the  list  and
       the  list-digest	subscribers, add the corresponding list	directories to
       the ezmlm-gate command line.

       This can	be expanded to include users that post	from  addresses	 other
       than  the  one  they  are  subscribed as: just create another directory
       'addl', and a 'subscribers' subdirectory	of it, and add 'addl'  to  the
       ezmlm-gate  command  line.  Now	just  add all problem addresses	to the
       'addl' address database using ezmlm-sub.	 The entire point is that post
       from subscribers	of any union of	list go	through, posts from identified
       'aliases' go through and	all others go for approval to the list	owner.
       Thus, legitimate	users are never	rejected and 'aliases' rapidly identi-
       fied by the owner/moderator and their handling automated	one by one, by
       simply adding them to 'addl'.

       dot-qmail(5),   ezmlm(5),   ezmlm-issubn(1),   ezmlm-reject(1),	ezmlm-
       send(1),	ezmlm-store(1)



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