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ezmlm-confirm(1)	    General Commands Manual	      ezmlm-confirm(1)

       ezmlm-confirm - process user actions for	message	confirm	and discard

       ezmlm-confirm [-cCrRvV] dir [ /path/program args	]

       ezmlm-confirm reads a mail message, expecting it	to contain an -confirm
       or -discard action request for the mailing list stored in dir.

       ezmlm-confirm verifies the cookie sent as part of the  action  request,
       and   if	  correct  attempts  to	 find  the  corresponding  message  in
       dir/mod/unconfirmed/.  If the message is	found, it is either  discarded
       or posted to the	list, depending	on the action request.

       Posts  to  the  list are	handled	by piping the message to ezmlm-send(1)
       located in the ezmlm binary directory, as set at	compile	time. This  is
       usually the directory that ezmlm-moderate resides in.  ezmlm-send(1) is
       provided	with dir as the	first argument.

       If the optional second argument is given, ezmlm-confirm pipes the  mes-
       sage to that program.  No additional parameters are supplied.

       dir  is	passed as an argument to ezmlm-send(1),	but NOT	to any program
       specified as the	optional ezmlm-confirm command line argument.

       ezmlm-confirm does not bother to	correctly set  sender.	 ezmlm-send(1)
       doesn't	care,  and  any	other program that might be used can parse the
       sender from the first line of the message, which	is always Return-Path:
       _address@host.domain_  as build from SENDER originally passed to	ezmlm-

       Once the	message	has been successfully accepted or discarded, it	is re-
       moved from dir/mod/unconfirmed/.

       If  the	message	is not found in	dir/mod/unconfirmed/, it has timed out
       and the message or the message stub has been removed by ezmlm-clean(1).
       In  this	case, ezmlm-confirm notifies the sender	of the failure.	 Noti-
       fication	is in the form of a fatal error	from qmail.

       At the beginning	of the message,	ezmlm-confirm prints  a	 new  Mailing-
       List  field  with the contents of the TXT_MAILING_LIST message.	It re-
       jects the message if there is already a Mailing-List field.

       ezmlm-confirm does not distribute bounce	messages: if  the  environment
       variable	 SENDER	is set,	and is either empty or #@[], ezmlm-confirm re-
       jects the message.

       -cCrR  Passed on	to ezmlm-send(1).

       -v     Display ezmlm-confirm version information.

       -V     Display ezmlm-confirm version information.

       If dir/charset exists, ezmlm-confirm will use the character set	listed
       for all messages. Otherwise, the	default	``us-ascii'' will be used. The
       character set can be suffixed by	``:'' followed by a code. If the  code
       is  ``Q'', outgoing messages are	sent as	``Quoted-Printable'', if it is
       ``B'' they are sent ``base64'' encoded.	Otherwise, text	is sent	as is.

       ezmlm-moderate(1), ezmlm-clean(1), ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm-send(1),	ezmlm-
       store(1), ezmlm(5)



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