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extract_f3pod(1)		    hxtools		      extract_f3pod(1)

       extract_f3pod --	extract	Fury3 POD files

       extract_f3pod [-Lv] [-C dir] [-f	file]

       Extracts	all files in a Terminal	Reality	POD archive file.

       Most of the options have	been borrowed from tar(1).

       -C dir Extract  files  into  the	directory dir. The default is into the
	      current directory.

       -L     Automatically lowercase filenames	during extraction if they  are
	      all uppercase.

       -f file
	      Extract from file. Defaults to stdin.

       -v     Be verbose -- print file info and	filenames.

Supported Games
       o   Terminal Velocity

       o   Fury	3

       o   Hellbender

See also

hxtools				  2008-11-11		      extract_f3pod(1)

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