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excolmap(3)			Allegro	manual			   excolmap(3)

       excolmap	 - Creating graphical effects with color mapping tables. Alle-
       gro game	programming library.

       #include	<allegro.h>

       Example excolmap

       This program demonstrates how to	create custom graphic effects with the
       create_color_table  function.  Allegro drawing routines are affected by
       any color table you might have set up. In the first part	of this	 exam-
       ple,  a greyscale color table is	set. The result	is that	a simple rect-
       fill call, instead of drawing a rectangle with color zero, uses the al-
       ready drawn pixels to determine the pixel to be drawn (read the comment
       of return_grey_color() for a precise description	of the algorithm).  In
       the  second  part  of the test, the color table is changed to be	an in-
       verse table, meaning that any pixel drawn will be shown	as  its	 color
       values had been inverted.

       BITMAP(3),    COLOR_MAP(3),    END_OF_MAIN(3),	 PALETTE(3),   RGB(3),
       RGB_MAP(3),   SCREEN_H(3),   SCREEN_W(3),    allegro_error(3),	 alle-
       gro_init(3),  allegro_message(3),  blit(3),  circlefill(3),  clear_key-
       buf(3),	color_map(3),  create_bitmap(3),  create_color_table(3),  cre-
       ate_rgb_table(3),  destroy_bitmap(3),  drawing_mode(3), font(3),	gener-
       ate_332_palette(3),  install_keyboard(3),  keypressed(3),   makecol(3),
       rectfill(3),  rest(3), rgb_map(3), screen(3), set_gfx_mode(3), set_pal-
       ette(3),	textout_centre_ex(3), vsync(3)

Allegro				 version 4.4.3			   excolmap(3)


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