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       euca-modify-instance-attribute -	Modify an attribute of an instance

       euca-modify-instance-attribute (-b DEVICE=::(true|false)	|

       --disable-api-termination {true,false} |
	      --ebs-optimized  {true,false}  |	-g  GROUP  | --instance-initi-
	      ated-shutdown-behavior  {stop,terminate}	|  -t  INSTANCETYPE  |
	      --kernel	 IMAGE	 |   --ramdisk	 IMAGE	|  --source-dest-check
	      {true,false}   |	 --sriov   simple   |	--user-data   DATA   |
	      --user-data-file	FILE) [--show-empty-fields] [-U	URL] [--region
	      USER@REGION]  [-I	 KEY_ID]  [-S  KEY]  [--security-token	TOKEN]
	      [--debug]	[--debugger] [--version] [-h] INSTANCE

       Modify an attribute of an instance

   positional arguments:
	      ID of the	instance to modify (required)

   optional arguments:
       -b DEVICE=::(true|false), --block-device-mapping	DEVICE=::(true|false)
	      change whether a volume attached to the instance will be deleted
	      upon the instance's termination

       --disable-api-termination {true,false}
	      change whether or	not the	instance may be	terminated

       --ebs-optimized {true,false}
	      change whether or	not the	instance should	be optimized  for  EBS

       -g GROUP, --group-id GROUP
	      [VPC only] Change	the security group(s) the instance is in

       --instance-initiated-shutdown-behavior {stop,terminate}
	      whether to stop or terminate the EBS instance when it shuts down
	      (instance-store instances	are always terminated)

       -t INSTANCETYPE,	--instance-type	INSTANCETYPE
	      change the instance's type

       --kernel	IMAGE
	      change the instance's kernel image

       --ramdisk IMAGE
	      change the instance's ramdisk image

       --source-dest-check {true,false}
	      change whether source/destination	address	checking is enabled

       --sriov simple
	      enable enhanced networking for the instance and its descendants

       --user-data DATA
	      change the instance's user data (must be base64-encoded)

       --user-data-file	FILE
	      change the instance's user data to the contents of a file

	      show empty values	as "(nil)"

       -U URL, --url URL
	      compute service endpoint URL

       --region	USER@REGION
	      region and/or user names to search when looking up  config  file

       -I KEY_ID, --access-key-id KEY_ID

       -S KEY, --secret-key KEY

       --security-token	TOKEN

	      show debugging output

	      launch interactive debugger on error

	      show the program's version and exit

       -h, --help
	      show this	help message and exit

euca2ools 3.4			 December 201EUCA-MODIFY-INSTANCE-ATTRIBUTE(1)


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