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ESTMASTER(1)			Hyper Estraier			  ESTMASTER(1)

       estmaster - master process of node servers

       estmaster init [-ex] rootdir

       estmaster start [-bg] [-ro] [-st] rootdir

       estmaster stop rootdir

       estmaster unittest rootdir

       estmaster crypt key [hash]

       estmaster is an aggregation of sub commands.  The name of a sub command
       is specified by the first argument.  Other arguments are	parsed accord-
       ing  to	each  sub  command.  The argument rootdir specifies the	server
       root directory which contains configuration file	and so on.

       estmaster init [-ex] rootdir
	      Create the server	root directory.
	      If -ex is	specified, some	users and some nodes are set for exam-
	      ple.   By	default, only a	super user whose name and password are
	      both "admin" is set.

       estmaster start [-bg] [-ro] [-st] rootdir
	      Start the	node master.
	      If -bg is	specified, the server runs in background as  a	daemon
	      If  -ro  is specified, the server	runs in	read-only mode regard-
	      less of the configuration.
	      If -st is	specified, the server runs in single thread mode.

       estmaster stop rootdir
	      Stop the running node master.

       estmaster unittest rootdir
	      Perform unit tests.

       estmaster crypt key [hash]
	      Output an	encrypted string of a string.
	      key specifies a target string.
	      If hash is specified, it checks whether the  key	and  the  hash

       All  sub	 commands return 0 if the operation is success,	else return 1.
       A running node master  finishes	with  closing  the  database  when  it
       catches	the  signal  1	(SIGHUP),  2  (SIGINT),	 3  (SIGQUIT),	or  15
       (SIGTERM).  Moreover, when a node master	running	as  a  daemon  catches
       the signal 1 (SIGHUP), the process is re-start and re-read the configu-
       ration files.

       A running node server should be finished	by valid means by command line
       or via network.	Otherwise, the index may be broken.

       estconfig(1),  estcmd(1),  estcall(1),  estwaver(1), estraier(3), estn-

       Please see for  de-

Man Page			  2007-03-06			  ESTMASTER(1)


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