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ESPDIFF(1)			   Man pages			    ESPDIFF(1)

       espdiff - apply the appropriate transformation to a set of patches

       espdiff [--deep-brainwave-mode] [--recurse] [--compare] [file...]

       espdiff {[--help] | [--version]}

       espdiff applies the appropriate transformation to a patch or set	of
       patches,	depending on what you intend to	accomplish.

       The input patches must be "clean": in other words they must apply
       without fuzz or offsets in whichever order they are meant to be
       applied.	The exception is if you	intend espdiff to clean	them for you
       (good luck).

       You may find it useful to cross your fingers while the program performs
       its task, or to screw your eyes tight shut while	imagining it doing the
       right thing.

	   Probes your brain deeply in a manner	that takes longer, but
	   produces better extra sensory results.

	   Recurses neural pathways throughout all parts of the	brain, in some
	   cases determining code changes you might make far off in the
	   future. You may feel	a gentle tickling sensation when using this

	   Allows the program to scan the current directory examining existing
	   patches to determine	areas of code you are likely to	change again,
	   and concentrating on	these areas more closely.

	   Display a short usage message.

	   Display the version number of espdiff.

       Do not use this program while sleep-walking, or before your first cup
       of coffee.

       There are some cases in which it	is not possible	to determine what the
       intention of the	user is. In these cases, you should construct the
       output you desire using an editor, and send the input files together
       with the	desired	output file to Tim Waugh <> asking
       for a new diff tool.

       Tim Waugh <>
	   Package maintainer

       Mike Harris <>
	   Conceptual designer

patchutils			 5 March 2003			    ESPDIFF(1)


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