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EP(4)		       BSD/i386	Kernel Interfaces Manual		 EP(4)

     ep	-- Ethernet driver for 3Com Etherlink III (3c5x9)

     device ep

     The ep device driver supports the 3c509 (ISA), 3c529 (MCA), 3c579 (EISA),
     and various PCMCIA	cards including	the 3c589.  Various models of these
     cards come	with a different assortment of connectors:

     AUI/DIX		   Standard 15 pin connector, also known as 10base5

     10Base2		   BNC,	also known as thin-net

     10BaseT		   UTP,	also known as twisted pair

     The default port to use is	the port that has been selected	with the setup
     utility.  To override this, use the following media options with
     ifconfig(8) or in your /etc/rc.conf file.

     10base5/AUI	   Use the AUI port.

     10base2/BNC	   Use the BNC port.

     10baseT/UTP	   Use the UTP port.

     If	there are multiple cards in the	computer, they are searched for	in the
     following order: bus, slot, then ethernet address.

     The 3c509 card has	no jumpers to set the address.	3Com supplies software
     to	set the	address	of the card in software.  To find the card on the ISA
     bus, the kernel performs a	complex	scan operation at IO address 0x110.
     Beware!  Avoid placing other cards	at that	address!

     Furthermore, the 3c509 should only	be configured in EISA mode when	in-
     stalled in	a computer that	has actual EISA	slots (and an EISA-aware
     BIOS).  The normal	driver auto-detection support is sufficient for	non-
     EISA systems.

     ep0: reset	(status: %x)  The driver has encountered a FIFO	underrun or
     overrun.  The driver will reset the card and the packet will be lost.
     This is not fatal.

     ep0: eeprom failed	to come	ready  The eeprom failed to come ready.	 This
     probably means the	card is	wedged.

     ep0: 3c509	in test	mode. Erase pencil mark!  This means that someone has
     scribbled with pencil in the test area on the card.  Erase	the pencil
     mark and reboot.  (This is	not a joke).

     ed(4), el(4), ie(4), intro(4), le(4), ng_ether(4),	vx(4), ifconfig(8)

     are great.	 There's so many to choose from.

BSD			       February	4, 1993				   BSD


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