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EMESENE(1)		    General Commands Manual		    EMESENE(1)

       emesene - an instant messaging client

       emesene 2 tries to be a simple but feature complete program that	allows
       one to chat using MSN and Jabber/XMPP based networks.

       From its	roots emesene 2	provides a UI that is easy  to	use  by	 users
       coming  from  Windows Live Messenger but	doing special focus on consis-
       tency and simplicity.

       Support for Jabber/XMPP based networks through  the  use	 of  different
       backends	is provided but	without	removing features from the main	proto-

       Since emesene 2 is a single protocol/account client you	will  have  to
       start more than one instance to use more	than one account. If you think
       this is a problem we recommend clients like Pidgin, Empathy  or	Kopete
       that are	built to handle	multiple accounts.

				August 23, 2012			    EMESENE(1)


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