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EHNT(1)			FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		       EHNT(1)

     ehnt -- Extreme Happy Netflow Tool. Client	part

     ehnt [-0 ASN] [-a ASN] [-b] [-c count] [-i	mins] [-m mode]	[-n intidx]
	  [-p port] [-P	proto] [-r addr] [-s server:port] [-x prefix]

     The ehnt command starts ehnt(1) client which connects to ehntserv(8)
     server and	converts raw flow of NetFlow version 5 packets into human-
     readable (or machine-readable) form.

     Ehnt currently has	two basic modes	of operation, dump and top.  The dump
     modes are used to output details about individual flows.  Top mode	is
     used to generate reports which display averages over time for AS numbers,
     IP	protocols and TCP/UDP ports.

     The options are as	follows:

     -0	ASN	 Replace AS number 0 occurences	with this AS number

     -a	ASN	 Only display flows to/from this AS number

     -b		 Display big flows (only shows flows with the most bytes or
		 packets received so far)

     -c	count	 Exit after <count> flows are received

     -h		 Display command-line help

     -i	mins	 How long to wait between report generations (in minutes)

     -m	mode	 The name of the mode of operation to use: dump	displays flow
		 detail; shortdump shows flow details in a more	compact	fash-
		 ion; colondump	shows flow details in a	machine-readable for-
		 mat; top generates reports of top average utilization

     -n	intidx	 Specify the interface by SNMP ifIndex number

     -p	port	 Only display flows to/from this tcp or	udp port number

     -P	proto	 Only display flows using this IP protocol number

     -r	addr	 Only display flows reported by	this router IP address

     -s	server:port
		 The hostname or IP address and	port number of the ehntserv(8)

     -t	topmode	 The type of report to generate	when in	top mode.  (The	report
		 type can also be changed interactively	while the program is
		 running.)  as;	Display	the AS report proto; Display the IP
		 protocol report tcpport; Display the TCP port report udpport;
		 Display the UDP port report

     -v		 Display the ehnt version number.

     -x	prefix	 Only display flows to/from this IP prefix. The	format for
		 <prefix> is 'address/length', for example or

		      Autonomous Systems Number-to-Name	Convertion config


     Nik Weidenbacher <>
     Dmitry Morozovsky <>

			      September	04, 2001


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