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EDITSS(6)			 Games Manual			     EDITSS(6)

       editss itor for XPilot shipshapes.  (V2.1)

       editss [" shipshape "]

       editss  is  a utility for designing XPilot shipshapes.  The use of this
       editor is simple	and straightforward.  Shipshapes can  be  supplied  on
       the  command  line,  or	retrieved from the user	.xpilotrc or shipshape
       file.  After editing, the shipshape can be printed on the command line,
       or added	to the .xpilotrc or shipshape file.  Ship library files	can be
       printed on a PostScript printer.	 As of version 2.0, the	new  shipshape
       format for XPilot version 3.2.0 is fully	supported.

       An  XPilot shipshape can	be specified on	the command line as an option,
       enclosed	in double quotes.  The format used here	is the	normal	XPilot
       format for shipshapes.

       You  can	edit the shipshape in the window with the grid and crosshairs.
       In this window: press the left mouse button (LMB) to perform an action,
       or the right mouse button (RMB) to cancel.

       The ship	should be drawn	with the nose to the right, unless you wish to
       confuse your enemies (and yourself! :-) ).  You should alse specify the
       MainGun (where bullets will shoot from),	and the	Engine.

       You should follow these rules: (xpilot version 3.2.0)

       1)   each ship should have at least three different points and not more
	    than 16 points.
       2)   at least one point should be eight or more pixels  left  from  the
       3)   at	least  one point should	be eight or more pixels	right from the
       4)   at least one point should be eight or more pixels above  the  ori-
       5)   at	least  one point should	be eight or more pixels	below the ori-
       6)   at least three points should be eight or more pixels away from the
       7)   no	point  should  be  more	 than 15 points	away from the x- or y-
       8)   attributes like guns, lights etc. should be	placed in (or on)  the
       9)   the	width and height of the	ship should add	up to at least 38.  As
	    of Xpilot version 3.2.0 this  restriction  is  not	yet  enforced.
	    Only  a  warning  will  be	generated.  Later Xpilot versions will
	    probably enforce this rule.

       The rectangle on	the grid is eight points from the origin.

       The Draw	mode works as follows.	If there are no	points	yet,  you  can
       use  the	LMB to add points.  Every new point is connected to the	previ-
       ous point.  Press the RMB to stop adding	points (You  do	 not  have  to
       "close" the shipshape ).

       In  this	 mode you can drag lines and attributes	around.	 If you	select
       with the	LMB, you will pick up the topmost shipshape point and all  at-
       tributes	 you  are pointing to.	If you use the RMB, you	will only pick
       up the topmost attribute.

       Kill mode: If you use the LMB to	select a position  on  the  grid,  the
       topmost	shipshape point	here (if any) will be removed.	All attributes
       at the selected gridpoint will be removed as well.  If you use the RMB,
       only the	topmost	attribute here will be removed.

       In  the Split mode, you can select a line with the LMB.	This line will
       be divided into two lines, and  then  you  can  position	 the  dividing
       point.	After the dividing point is placed with	the LMB, the mode will
       change to Draw.

       To add attributes, simply press the button of the attribute you wish to
       add.   Press the	LMB on the grid	position where you want	the attribute.
       possible	attributes are:

       Mgun	 the main gun.	You must place this attribute.
       engine	 you must place	this attribute as well.
       Llight	 a flashing navigation light (flashes Red).  Use up  to	 3  of
       Rlight	 blue or right navigation light.  Use up to 3.
       Lgun	 additional  guns  for	wideshots.   Up	 to  3 of these	can be
		 placed	on the left side of your ship.
       Rgun	 additional guns for the right side of your ship.  Use	up  to
       mrack	 a  missile  rack.   Missiles will be fired from each of these
		 racks in turn.	 You can use up	to 4 of	these.

       The ship	is displayed below the buttons,	more or	less as	it appears  in
       XPilot.	 The  number  of points	on your	ship is	also displayed.	 Below
       this is a box announcing	any problems with your design.	 All  bugs  in
       your  ship  should  be removed before you will be able to save or print
       the ship.

       You can specify a shipshape on the  commandline	when  starting	editss
       (see OPTIONS).  You can also use	the Load button	to retrieve shipshapes
       from your ship from your	shipshape library file,	if it exists.  If  you
       double click (LMB) on a ship in the directory (the leftmost part	of the
       Editss window), that ship will be loaded.  Anything  you	 were  editing
       will be lost.

       If  you	press  the Type	button,	editss will print the shipshape	on the
       command line .  You can give this shipshape to xpilot as	follows:

       xpilot -shipShape " shipshape "

       Xpilot will start and use your new shipshape.

       If you use the Save button, editss will append the shape	 and  name  of
       your ship to the	shiplib.

       You  can	 specify  a shipshape library file.  If	you type the name of a
       file and	then press ENTER, the contents of this file will be  shown  in
       the  leftmost  part of the Editss window.  To specify a default library
       file, see below.

       Quit	 quit the program.
       Type	 print the shipshape on	the command line.
       Save	 write the shipshape to	the library file.
       Load	 load the shipshape with the soecified name from  the  library
       Clear	 clear the shipshape.
       Print	 print	the  ships  in	the  current shipshape library file in
		 PostScript format into	the file [shiplibname].ps

       Draw	 draw or drag points.
       Kill	 remove	points.
       Split	 split a line, adding an extra point.

       Mgun	 Set the MainGun.
       Lgun	 Set left side extra guns.
       Rgun	 Set right side	extra guns.
       Llight	 Set left navigation lights.
       Rlight	 Set right navigation light.
       mrack	 Set missile racks.
       engine	 Set the engine	point.

       You can specify a number	of defaults to Editss, by making a file	named

       buttonbox_border	   (integer) borderwidth of boxes
       value_border	   (integer) borderwidth of value widgets
       buttonbox_f	   (string) foreground color of	boxes
       buttonbox_b	   (string) background color of	boxes
       status_f/b	   (string) statusbar colors
       button_high_f/b	   (string) highlight button colors
       button_toggle_f/b   (string) toggle button colors
       button_actions_f/b  (string) button colors
       smallfont	   (string) font for status bars
       shiplib		   (string) default shipshape library

       xpilot(6), xpilots(6)

				  august 1994			     EDITSS(6)


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