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editorconfig(1)		    General Commands Manual	       editorconfig(1)

       editorconfig - EditorConfig Command

Usage of the <tt>editorconfig</tt> command line	tool
       Usage: editorconfig [OPTIONS] FILEPATH1 [FILEPATH2 FILEPATH3 ...]

       FILEPATH	can be a hyphen	(-) if you want	to path(s) to be read from
       stdin. Hyphen can also be specified with	other file names. In this way,
       both file paths from stdin and the paths	specified on the command line
       will be used. If	more than one path specified on	the command line, or
       the paths are reading from stdin	(even only one path is read from
       stdin), the output format would be INI format, instead of the simple
       'key=value' lines.

       -f	      Specify conf filename other than ".editorconfig".

       -b	      Specify version (used by devs to test compatibility).

       -h OR --help   Print this help message.

       --version      Display version information.

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       EditorConfig File Format	editorconfig-format(5)

EditorConfig			Sat Aug	8 2020		       editorconfig(1)

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