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EDBROWSE(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		   EDBROWSE(1)

     edbrowse -- a Command Line	Editor Browser

     edbrowse [-v] [-h]	[-c]
     edbrowse [-d[#]] [-f[#]] [-[p]m] [-[p]fm[#]]
     edbrowse [-d[#]] -m[#] addr1 addr2	... file [attachments]
     edbrowse [-d[#]] [-e] [-c configFile] file1 file2 ...

     edbrowse is a combination of editor, browser, and mail client text	based.
     You can specify several mail accounts and indicate	one by its index fol-
     lowing the	email options.

     The options are as	follows:

     -v	     print version

     -h	     print help

     -c	     without argument edit the default configuration file. If the
	     first argument is -c filename , edbrowse uses it as config	file

     -e	     exit when it encounters an	error, usually used by batch scripts

     -m	     with no other arguments, interactive mail reader

     m[#]    specify an	email account index [#]

     -f	     fetch mail	from all accounts, except the ones that	you have
	     marked nofetch.

     -f[#]   specify an	index [#] to fetch mail	from a single account. For in-
	     stance, -f1 will fetch mail from the first	mail account

     -fm     retrieve and read email (combine the -f and -m options)

     -pm -pfm
	     like -f and -fm options but pass over the filters

     The debug options:

     -d0     silent

     -d1     show the sizes of files and web pages as they are read and	writ-

     -d2     show the url as you call up a web page and	http redirection

     -d3     javascript	execution and errors: cookies, http codes, form	data,
	     and sql statements	logged

     -d4     show the socket connections, http headers in and out, html	syntax
	     errors as per tidy5, tree of nodes	internal to edbrowse, side ef-
	     fects of running javascript and dynamic node linkage

     -d5     messages to and from javascript, url resolution, tidy html	nodes

     -d6     show javascript to	be executed

     -d7     reformatted regular expressions, breakline	chunks

     -d8     text lines	freed, debug garbage collection

     -d9     not used

     $home/.ebrc is the	configuration file

     The error message is left in a buffer, which you can see by typing	'h' in
     the ed(1) style.

     ed(1) edbrowse is,	at first glance, a reimplementation of ed

     Full guide	userguide.html ,type:

	   edbrowse /usr/local/share/doc/edbrowse/usersguide.html

     edbrowse was primarily written by Karl Dahlke <>.

     This manual page was written by Alfonso S.	Siciliano <alf.sicil->.

FreeBSD	13.0		       December	6, 2019			  FreeBSD 13.0


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