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ecattominc(1)							 ecattominc(1)

       ecattominc - convert an ecat format file	(version 6.x or	7.x) to	a minc
       format file

       ecattominc [<options>] <infile> <outfile.mnc>

       ecattominc [-help]

       ecattominc will convert an ecat data file (version 6.x  or  7.x)	 to  a
       minc file format	Unless the -small_header option	is specified, ecattom-
       inc will	conserve the maximum informations from	the  ecat  header  and
       subheader fields	which will be respectively stored as attributes	of the
       ecat-main and ecat-subhdr minc variables.  By default the whole	3D  or
       4D volume is converted, however,	ecattominc allows for the selection of
       slice and frame ranges to be copied.  The voxel values of the generated
       minc file are decay corrected, unless the nodecay_correct flag is spec-
       ified.  Finally,	blood data file	can be inserted	within the  minc  file
       with the	-bloodfile option.

       Note that options can be	specified in abbreviated form (as long as they
       are unique) and can be given anywhere on	the command line.

General	options
       -byte: Write out	data as	bytes (default).

       -short: Write out data as short integers.

       -clobber: Overwrite existing file.

       -noclobber: Don't overwrite existing file (default).

       -verbose: List files as they are	converted (default)

       -quiet: Do not list files as they are converted.

Command	specific options
       -decay_correct: Do decay	correction on images (default).

       -nodecay_correct: Don't do decay	correction.

       -slices:Range of	slices to copy (counting from 0).
	       Default value: -2147483648 -2147483648

       -frames:	Range of frames	to copy	(counting from 0).
	       Default value: -2147483648 -2147483648

       -frame: Single frame to copy (counting from 0).
	       Default value: -2147483648

       -small_header: Copy only	basic header information.

       -all_header: Copy all header information	(default).

       -bloodfile: Insert blood	data from this file.

Generic	options	for all	commands
       -help: Print summary of command-line options and	abort

       No bug listed so	far :=)

       minctoecat(1), rawtominc(1), minctoraw(1), dicomtominc(1)

       Peter Neelin and	Anthonin Reilhac (

       Copyrights 2005 by Peter	Neelin


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