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DYNOMITE(8)		    System Manager's Manual		   DYNOMITE(8)

       dynomite	 -  a  generic	dynamo	implementation for different key/value
       storage engines.

       dynomite	--help
       dynomite	--version
       dynomite	[ -c conf-file]
       dynomite	[-?hVdDt] [-v verbosity-level] [-o output-file]	[-c conf-file]
       [-s  stats-port]	 [-a stats-addr] [-i stats-interval] [-p pid-file] [-m
       mbuf-size] [-M max-alloc-messages]

       Dynomite	is a thin, distributed Dynamo layer for	different storage  en-
       gines  and  protocols. Dynomite provides	sharding and multi-data	center
       replication. It has a shared nothing architecture with no single	 point
       of  failure  (SPOF)  that  delivers  high availability (HA) even	when a
       server, rack or entire data center goes offline.

       Redis is	currently  the	primary	 backend  and  protocol	 supported  by
       Dynomite,  while	support	for Memcached is partially implemented.	Future
       versions	of Dynomite will support additional backends.

       Dynomite	provides the following functionality:

       o      Linear scalability

       o      High availability	(HA)

       o      Shared nothing architecture with symmetric nodes

       o      Multi-data center	(DC) replication

       o      Data replication and sharding

       o      Support for any Redis client plus	a specialized Dyno client  for

       o      Reduced  connections to and lower	connection overhead on backend
	      storage engines via persistent connections

       o      Observability via	easily accessible statistics

       -h, --help
	      Show help	about dynomite and exit.

       -V, --version
	      Show dynomite version and	exit.

       -t, --test-conf
	      Test configuration file for syntax errors	and exit.

       -g, --gossip
	      Enable gossip. (default: disable)

       -d, --daemonize
	      Run dynomite as a	daemon in the background.

       -D, --describe-stats
	      Print statistics description and exit.

       -v N, --verbosity=N
	      Set logging level	to N.  (default: 5, min: 0, max: 11)

       -o file,	--output=file
	      Set logging file to file.

       -c file,	--conf-file=file
	      Set the configuration file to file.

       -p file,	--pid-file=file
	      Set the pid file to file.

       -m N, --mbuf-size=N
	      Set mbuf chunk size to N bytes. (default:	16384)

       -M N, --max-msgx=N
	      Set the maximum number of	messages to allocate to	N.   (default:

       -x N, --admin-operation=N
	      Set the size of admin operation to N.  (default: 0)

       memcached(8), redis-server(1)

       Dynomite	 is developed by Netflix, Inc. Dynomite	is currently developed
       by Netflix, Inc.	and the	open source community.

v0.5.9			       November	23, 2016		   DYNOMITE(8)


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