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DVSEND(1)		    General Commands Manual		     DVSEND(1)

       dvsend -	Send DV/RTP packets

       dvsend [	-v64NLH	] [ -h hostname	] [ -f rate ] [	-M ifname ] [ -t ttl ]
       [ -I 1394if ] [ -P port ] [ -s number ] [ -d port ]

       dvsend is part of the DVTS(Digital Video	Transport System).  dsend  re-
       ceives DV/IEEE1394 packets and sends DV/RTP packets.

       The options are as follows:

       -v     Show version number of dsend

       -6     Use IPv6 for sending DV/RTP packets. (default)

       -4     Use IPv4 for sending DV/RTP packets.

       -L     Show  the	packet loss state at the receivers. Packet loss	infor-
	      mation at	the receivers are sent to the dvsend  using  RTCP.  By
	      using  this  option, the packet loss information gained from the
	      RTCP RR messages are displayed.

       -H     Show the help message.

       -h hostname
	      Send DV/RTP packets to "hostname".
	      Example) dvsend -h ff02::1
		       dvsend -h
		       dvsend -h dest.domain.mydomain

       -f rate
	      Send reduced picture frame DV/RTP	stream.	The DV/RTP stream will
	      be sent by the rate of 1/"rate".
	      Example) dvsend -h dest.domain.mydomain -f 2
		       (Half rate video)

       -M ifname
	      Use interface "ifname" for sending multicast packets.
	      Example) dvsend -h -M fxp0

       -t ttl TTL  for	multicast  packets.  (default  value  is 1).  Example)
	      dvsend -h	-M fxp0	-t 20

       -I 1394if
	      Use device "1394if"  for	IEEE1394  output.  (default  value  is
	      Example) dvrecv -I ohci0

       -P port
	      Use port for sending DV/RTP packets. (default value is 8000).
	      Example) dvsend -P 8100

       -s number
	      Pack  multiple DV	DIF blocks in one DV/RTP packet.  DV data con-
	      sists of multiple	80 byte	long DIF blocks.  Using	large "-s num-
	      ber"  will decrease number of DV/RTP packets, and	decrease rout-
	      ing table	lookup cost at the routers.  (default value is 17).
	      Example) dvsend -h dest.domain.mydomain -s 17

       -d port
	      Send DV audio data using different UDP port. (default disabled).
	      Example) dvsend -h dest.domain.mydomain -d 8030

       If  you	find  a	 bug, please send a e-mail to
       Thank you very much.

       Copyright (c) 1999-2003 WIDE Project(
       dvsend was written by Akimichi OGAWA of Keio university,	 JAPAN.	  DVTS
       home page (

       dvts(1),	dvsend(1), dvsave(1), dvplay(1)

4th Berkeley Distribution	 2001 June 19			     DVSEND(1)


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