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dtsrdbfiles(special file)			     dtsrdbfiles(special file)

       dtsrdbfiles -- Describes	the complete set of DtSearch database files

       Each DtSearch database consists of a set	of core	files that are created
       and maintained by the DtSearch offline build tools.  Each database  may
       also include a set of one or more language files	that vary depending on
       the DtSearch language of	the database.  Some language files are part of
       the  DtSearch  package  but may also be enhanced	by the database	devel-

       All database files for a	single database	must be	located	 in  the  same
       directory. The directory	is specified in	the offline build tools	by the
       optional	path prefix in the -ddbname argument. The directory is	speci-
       fied for	the online API by a PATH configuration file (ocf file).

   Core	Files
       The  base  name	of  the	core files is formed by	appending a period and
       3-character name	extension to the 1- to 8-character database name spec-
       ified  at  creation time. Core files are	binary and accessible only via
       DtSearch	programs.

       The DtSearch core files are as follows:

		 Database dictionary file. Binary schema created by dtsrcreate
		 from dtsearch.dbe.  Never modified thereafter.

		 Main key file for database documents. Created and initialized
		 by dtsrcreate,	updated	by dtsrload.  Contains the  b-tree  of
		 unique	keys for each document.

		 Optional  key	file  for database documents. Created and ini-
		 tialized by dtsrcreate. Contains the b-tree of	optional  keys
		 for each document. Not	currently used.

		 Documents  header file. Created by dtsrcreate,	updated	by dt-
		 srload. Contains the databases	 configuration	status	record
		 and,  for  each document in the database, a header record and
		 one or	more abstract records.

		 Compressed text file. Created by dtsrcreate, but  updated  by
		 dtsrload  only	for AusText type dataases.  Repository of com-
		 pressed text for each document.

		 dbname.k22, dbname.k23" 10 Key	files  for  words  and	stems.
		 Created  and initialized by dtsrcreate, updated by dtsrindex.
		 Contains the b-tree of	each word and  stem  indexed  for  the
		 database. The k21 file	finds "short" words, 1 to 15 bytes, in
		 the d21 file. The k22 file  finds  "long"  words,  16	to  39
		 bytes,	 in  the d22 file. The k23 file	finds "huge" words, 40
		 to 133	bytes, in the d23 file.	Long and huge word  files  may
		 not be	used depending on the database maximum word size spec-
		 ified at creation time.

		 dbname.d22, dbname.d23" 10 Data files for  words  and	stems.
		 Created  and initialized by dtsrcreate, updated by dtsrindex.
		 For each word contains	document counts,  offset  to  inverted
		 index	(d99  file),  and  storage recovery data. The d21 file
		 contains short	words, the d22 file contains long  words,  and
		 the  d23  file	 contains huge words. Long and huge word files
		 may not be used depending on the database maximum  word  size
		 specified at creation time.

   Language Files
       Databases  also	need  a	set of files associated	with the DtSearch lan-
       guage of	the database. When looking for these files DtSearch will first
       look  for  a customized version applicable only to a database, and then
       look for	the generic language version. Like core	files, the  base  file
       name of a customized language file is formed by the database name and a
       3 character extension. The alternative generic language files are named
       with a language name and	the same 3 character extension.

       Language	 files	are  mandatory	or optional depending on the language.
       See dtsrlangfiles(4) for	formats	of language files.

       The DtSearch language-related files are as follows:

		 Stop file. The	supported stop files are:

			   eng.stp - for DtSrLaENG and DtSrLaENG2

			   esp.stp - for DtSrLaESP

			   fra.stp - for DtSrLaFRA

			   deu.stp - for DtSrLaDEU

			   ita.stp - for DtSrLaITA

		 Stop lists are	mandatory for European languages, and optional
		 for other supported languages.
		 An  include  list  is	always optional	for all	supported lan-
		 guages.  There	are no generic versions	of include lists.

       eng.sfx	 ForDtSrLaENG and DtSrLaENG2.  and is not  currently  required
		 for other supported languages.

		 jpn.knj  for DtSrLaJPN2.  A kanji compounds file is mandatory
		 only for language number 7 DtSrLaJPN2,	a  supported  Japanese

       Files  associated  with	a  minimum DtSrLaENG database (English,	ASCII)
       that uses no customized or optional files:

       All core	files plus eng.stp, eng.sfx.

       Files for a DtSrLaITA database (Italian,	 ISO  Latin-1)	with  enhanced
       stop list and an	include	list:

       All core	files plus dbname.stp,

       Files associated	with a minimum DtSrLaJPN database (Japanese with full,
       automatic kanji compounding) that uses no customized or optional	files:

       Only core files.

       Files for a DtSrLaJPN2 database (Japanese with kanji compounds  from  a
       word list), with	optional stop list for ASCII substrings:

       All core	files plus dbname.stp, jpn.knj.

       dtsrcreate(1), dtsrload(1), dtsrindex(1), DtSrAPI(3), dtsrlangfiles(4),
       dtsrocffile(4), DtSearch(5)

						     dtsrdbfiles(special file)


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