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dtpdm(user cmd)						       dtpdm(user cmd)

       dtpdm --	Print Dialog Manager to	provide	printer-specific GUIs

       dtpdm  [-vdisplay  vdpy]	  [-window vwid]  [-pdisplay pdpy]  [-pcontext

       dtpdm is	the Print Dialog Manager (PDM) that is invoked	by  the	 Print
       Dialog  Manager Daemon (dtpdmd) to provide printer-specific GUIs	on be-
       half of a printing application. It is a process separate	from the print

       At  an application's request dtpdm posts	to the user's display a	set of
       printer-specific	dialogs	that enable the	user to	configure a variety of
       printer options.

       The  dtpdm  program  provides a setup dialog to X printing applications
       that allows the user to set printer specific and	job specific  options.
       The setup dialog	appears	to be part of the application, but it is actu-
       ally managed by the dtpdm on behalf of the application.	It is  capable
       of  providing  dialogs  in all locales for which	there exist applicable
       message catalogs.

       dtpdm presents a	dialog containing the  printer	name  and  description
       plus  an	 XmNotebook widget. This widget	contains two tabs: one for the
       Printer Setup Box and one for the Job Setup Box.	Each  of  these	 boxes
       provides	 controls that allow for configuration of various printing op-

       The dtpdm dialog	also contains three pushbuttons	labelled  OK,  Cancel,
       and Help. When the user presses OK, dtpdm dismisses the dialog and sets
       the newly configured printing options in	the current print context (via
       XpSetAttributes).   When	 the  user presses Cancel, dtpdm dismisses the
       dialog and makes	no changes to the print	context.

   Printer Setup Box
       The Printer Setup box presents options specific to  the	currently  se-
       lected printer. The options presented may vary in other PDM implementa-
       tions. The printer setup	options	presented by dtpdm are as follows:

       Printer Information
		 Provides information about the	 X  Printer.  The  information
		 consists of the printer model and the document	format used to
		 generate documents sent to this X Printer.

       Page Orientation
		 Specifies how the output will be oriented on  the  page.  The
		 orientation  options  presented  in  the  menu	 depend	on the
		 printer, but up to four orientations are possible:  portrait,
		 landscape,  reverse portrait, and reverse landscape.  An icon
		 adjacent to the Options menu presents a  graphical  illustra-
		 tion showing the current selection.

       Printed Sides
		 Specifies single or double-sided printing. The	actual choices
		 available depend on the printer, but up to three choices  are
		 possible:  simplex,  duplex,  and tumble. An icon adjacent to
		 the Options menu presents a  graphical	 illustration  showing
		 the current selection.

       Tray	 Specifies  the	 printer  tray	from  which  the media will be
		 drawn.	The Auto-select	 tray  option  is  available  for  all
		 printers. Selecting this option indicates no preference as to
		 which tray to use. Remaining Tray selections are dependent on
		 the printer.

       Page Size Specifies  the	 media	size for printing. The entries in this
		 list box depend on whether the	Loaded in Printer or All Sizes
		 radio button is selected.

       Loaded in Printer
		 Provides a list of the	media sizes currently available	on the
		 printer. If the current Tray option is	Auto-select, the  user
		 will  see  all	 media sizes available in all of the printer's
		 trays.	If a specific tray is selected,	only  the  media  size
		 loaded	in that	tray will be shown. Information	on which media
		 size is available in which tray is provided by	the system ad-
		 ministrator  via  the	input-trays-medium  attribute.	If the
		 system	administrator does not provide this  information,  the
		 Loaded	in Printer radio button	will be	inactive.

       All Sizes Provides  a  list  of all supported media sizes available for
		 the printer. If the user selects this button, the Tray	option
		 is  set  to Auto-select. This button is provided for the fol-
		 lowing	situations:

		    o  If the system administrator  has	 not  specified	 which
		       sizes are loaded	in the printer

		    o  If  a  desired media size is not	loaded and the printer
		       prompts for the requested size

		    o  If the output never reaches an actual printer (for  ex-
		       ample, when printing to a file)

   Job Setup Box
       The  Job	Setup box presents options specific to the spooler controlling
       the printer. The	options	presented may vary in  other  PDM  implementa-
       tions, depending	on the spooler.	The job	setup options presented	by dt-
       pdm are as follows:

       Send Mail When Done
		 Instructs dtpdm to send an email message to the user when the
		 job is	completed.

       Banner Page Title
		 Specifies  the	 text  the  user wants to appear on the	banner
		 page of the output.

       Print Command Options
		 Specifies command line	options	and arguments  that  the  user
		 wants	to  pass  to the spooler. dtpdm	performs no parsing of
		 this field. All parsing and argument validation is  performed
		 by the	underlying spooler.

       The following options are available:

       -vdisplay vdpy
		 Specifies the display connection to the Video X-Server.

       -window vwid
		 Specifies  the	 window	 id on the Video X-Server to which the
		 PDM's dialogs should be posted	as transient windows.

       -pdisplay pdpy
		 Specifies the display connection to the Print X-Server.

       -pcontext pcid
		 Specifies the print context id	on the Print X-Server. The PDM
		 uses  this  id	to gain	access to the print context being used
		 by the	requesting application.

       The Dt Print Dialog Manager uses	the environment	variable LANG to iden-
       tify the	location of its	localized message file.



       The  return values (defined as integer constants	in Dt/dtpdmd.h)	are as

		 The PDM is telling the	PDMD that the user selected OK to dis-
		 miss the PDM.

		 The  PDM is telling the PDMD that the user selected CANCEL to
		 dismiss the PDM.

		 The PDM is telling the	PDMD that it did not have  proper  au-
		 thority to make a display connection on the Video X-Server.

		 The  PDM  is telling the PDMD that it did not have proper au-
		 thority to make a display connection to the Print X-Server.

		 The PDM is telling the	PDMD that it encountered an error.

       all other values
		 The PDMD  treats  all	unknown	 return	 values	 the  same  as
		 PDM_EXIT_ERROR. Such return values are	likely from uncontrol-
		 lable exit conditions often found in other libraries (for ex-
		 ample,	untrapped XIO errors from libX).





							       dtpdm(user cmd)


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