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Generalized Locator Format(special filGeneralized Locator Format(special file)

       Generalized  Locator Format -- address infolibs as document collections
       with external navigation	references

       <GLF> ::= <MMDB>	| <ULV>	| <URI>

       <MMDB> ::= mmdb:	 <IBL> | <IB> |	<IL> | <INFOLIB> | <BL>	| <BOOKCASE> |

       <IBL> ::= <INFOLIB> & <BOOKCASE>	& <LOCATOR>

       <IB> ::=	<INFOLIB> & <BOOKCASE>

       <IL> ::=	<INFOLIB> & <LOCATOR>

       <BL> ::=	<BOOKCASE> & <LOCATOR>

       <INFOLIB> ::= INFOLIB= <NAME>


       <LOCATOR> ::= LOCATOR= <ULV> <NAME>

       <ULV> ::= uuid_ | xsm_ |	isbn_

       <NAME> ::= <CHAR> { <CHAR> )

       <CHAR> ::= a-z |	A-Z | 0-9 | <SPECIAL_CHAR>

       <SPECIAL_CHAR> ::= everything but ":" and "&"

       <URI> ::= Uniform Resource Identifier (as defined by the	Web Consortium)

       For the purpose of addressing infolibs as document collections with ex-
       ternal  navigation  references, a generalized locator format is defined
       for use in applications and by the end-user.  This  mechanism  is  more
       precise	than those that	operate	on the DtInfoLib level.	This mechanism
       can be used by applications that	want to	tightly	integrate to their on-
       line  documentation, within the action system, or for printing specific
       sections	from a command line.  The syntax of a generalized locator for-
       mat string is defined above.

       As shown	above, there are several reserved terms	that are used to iden-
       tify locator format including uuid (for DCE style Unique	ID), xsm  (for
       XSession	Manager	style Unique ID), and ISBN (for	International Standard
       Book Number).  Of these only xsm	is supported directly  in  the	sample

				      Generalized Locator Format(special file)


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