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dtinfogen(user cmd)					   dtinfogen(user cmd)

       dtinfogen -- access DtInfo Toolkit functions

       dtinfogen [-h]

       dtinfogen admin [-h]

       dtinfogen  build	 [-h]  [-T TmpDir]  [-m	CatalogFile] -l	Library	-d Li-
       braryDescription	-n LibraryShortName Bookcase ...

       dtinfogen tocgen	[-h]   [-T  TmpDir]   [-m  CatalogFile]	  [-id	TOCid]
       [-title TOCtitle] document ... -f TOCfile

       dtinfogen update	[-h]  [-T TmpDir]  [-m CatalogFile] -b BookcaseName -l
       library stylesheet

       dtinfogen validate [-h]	[-T TmpDir]  [-m CatalogFile] SGMLdocument

       The DtInfo Toolkit command, dtinfogen, is used to create	and modify hy-
       pertext	information  libraries.	  dtinfogen  implements	 its functions
       through a set of	subcommands:

       admin	 Modify	the contents of	an information library by copying, re-
		 naming, rearranging, or removing bookcases. You can also list
		 the contents of a library.

       build	 Build a DtInfo	information library from  bookcase  specifica-

       tocgen	 Generate a hypertext table of contents	for a book.

       update	 Replace existing style	sheet information in a bookcase.

       validate	 Verify	 that  a  document  conforms  to  SGML and to the Doc-

       The following options are available:

       -h	 Displays a help message for each available option.

       -T TmpDir Specifies the directory in which temporary files  are	placed
		 during	 the build process. The	default	is to use the environ-
		 ment variable TMPDIR. If variable TMPDIR is not set, /usr/tmp
		 is used.

       -m CatalogFile
		 Specifies a catalog file conforming to	the SGML Open specifi-
		 cation	for resolving SGML entities. You can use  multiple  -m
		 options to specify as many CatalogFiles as you	wish.

       -l Library
		 Specifies  the	 location of the information library to	build.
		 Library is the	name of	the directory that contains the	 built

       -d LibraryDescription
		 LibraryDescription  is	a brief	description of the information
		 library to be built.

       -n LibraryShortName
		 LibraryShortName specifies an abbreviated name	for the	infor-
		 mation	library	to be built.

       bookcase	 The SGML bookcase instance conforming to the dtinfoBook.dtd.

       -f TOCfile
		 Specifies  the	SGML instance of a hypertext table of contents
		 conforming to the dtinfoTOC.dtd.

       document	 A DocBook SGML	source file.

       -b BookcaseName
		 The name of the bookcase whose	style sheet  information  will
		 be  updated.	The content of the BOOKCASENAME	element	in the

		 The style sheet that is to be updated in the bookcase.

		 Any SGML document to be validated.

       -id TOCid The unique identifier of the hypertext	table of contents doc-

       -title TOCtitle
		 The  title  of	the table of contents. This title will be dis-
		 played	in the DtInfo Browser.

       The admin subcommand is an interactive script for modifying an existing
       information  library  without rebuilding	it. It displays	a command line
       menu from which you select one of the  following	 administration	 func-
       tions to	perform	on a specified information library:

	  o  Copy a bookcase from another library.

	  o  Remove a bookcase from a library.

	  o  List the bookcases	in a library.

	  o  Rename a bookcase.

	  o  Rearrange bookcases within	a library.

       Enter the dtinfogen admin command in a shell window:

       dtinfogen admin

       The following menu appears:

       1) Copy a bookcase from another library
       2) Remove a bookcase
       3) List bookcases in a library
       4) Rename a bookcase
       5) Rearrange bookcases in a library
       6) Exit
       Please enter your choice	[1-6]

       Enter  the  number  associated with the administrative task you want to
       perform.	 dtinfogen admin prompts for additional	input as required.

       The build subcommand compiles a bookcase	specification into a hypertext
       database.  It validates the hypertext links, the	identifier uniqueness,
       and the hierarchical structure of the bookcase elements.	 It also  cre-
       ates a full-text	search index.

       Enter the dtinfogen build command in a shell window.

       To build	an information library containing multiple bookcases, an exam-
       ple command might be:

       build -l	UNIXLib	-T /usr/pers ProgBooks RefBooks	UAdminBooks

       This build command creates a document  database	from  three  bookcases
       (ProgBooks,  RefBooks, and UAdminBooks) and reports any errors. It uses
       /usr/pers to store temporary intermediate files,	and  it	 deposits  the
       database	in a directory (library) called	UNIXLib.

       The  tocgen  subcommand	reads the SGML-conforming source file(s) for a
       book and	generates a hypertext table of contents.

       Enter the dtinfogen tocgen command in a shell window.

       To generate a hypertext table of	contents for  a	 book  containing  six
       SGML  book  source files, each of which contains	a separate chapter, an
       example command might be:

       dtinfogen tocgen	-T /usr/pers -f	Perl.TOC -id Perl0594
       -title "Perl Table of Contents" Perl.01 Perl.02 Perl.03 Perl.04 Perl.05 Perl.06

       This tocgen command generates a table of	contents file  named  Perl.TOC
       with  the  unique  identifier  Perl0594 and the title PerlTable of Con-
       tents.  tocgen parses the files	Perl.01,  Perl.02,  Perl.03,  Perl.04,
       Perl.05,	and Perl.06 to produce the TOC.

       The tocgen process uses /usr/pers to store temporary intermediate files
       during processing.

       The dtinfogen update command dynamically	replaces existing style	sheets
       in the DtInfo document database.

       Enter the dtinfogen update command in a shell window.

       Here  is	 an example of a dtinfogen update command used to reformat the
       documents and/or	document sections that use the specified style sheet:

       dtinfogen update	-T /usr/pers -b	ICE9 -l	Brunn style

       This update command reformats the documents or document sections	in the
       Brunn information library that use the style sheet named	style, that is
       specified in the	bookcase named ICE9.

       The dtinfogen validate command performs	SGML  validation  on  bookcase
       specifications, on individual book source files,	or any SGML document.

       Enter the dtinfogen validate in a shell window.

       Here  is	an example of a	dtinfogen validate command that	performs vali-
       dation on three SGML book source	files:

       dtinfogen validate 03.Structure.N 04.Process.N 05.BookArea.N

       This validate command verifies the SGML compliance of the three	files,
       03.Structure.N, 04.Process.N, and 05.BookArea.N,	based on their DTD(s).

       dtinfo(1),  dtinfoBook.dtd  - dtinfoBookdtd(5), dtinfoStyle.dtd - dtin-
       foStyledtd(5), dtinfoTOC.dtd - dtinfoTOCdtd(5)

							   dtinfogen(user cmd)

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