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dtcreate(user cmd)					    dtcreate(user cmd)

       dtcreate	-- The CDE Action and Datatype creation	client.

       dtcreate	[_filename_]

       The  CreateAction client	is used	to create actions and datatypes	to in-
       tegrate an application into the CDE.  CreateAction  provides  the  most
       commonly	 needed	functions including the	creation of actions for	an ap-
       plication, creation of the associated datatypes for  the	 application's
       data  files,  and the ability to	specify	the Open and Print actions for
       those datatypes.	The output from	this tool is a actions	and  datatypes
       definition  file	placed within the users	$HOME/.dt/ types directory and
       an action file that is placed in	the users $HOME	 directory.  CreateAc-
       tion  also  provides the	ability	to edit	a action and datatypes defini-
       tion file that was created using	this tool.

	  o  Creating of actions to represent  applications,  commands,	 shell
	     scripts, etc.

	  o  Creating of datatypes to represent	an application's data files.

	  o  Creating of the Open and Print actions for	the datatypes.

	  o  Creating  of the actions and datatypes definition file within the
	     user's /HOME/.dt/types directory.

	  o  Creating the action file within the user's	home  directory.  This
	     file  provides  the ability for the icon to be visible within the
	     CDE's managers such as the	File Manager.

	  o  Modifying of actions and datatypes	 definition  files  that  were
	     created using this	tool.

	  o  Rereading of the action and datatype database so that the actions
	     and datatypes are available for immediate use.

		 Loads the _filename_ action and datatype definition file into
		 CreateAction for modification.

       Exit values are:

       0	 Successful completion.

       >0	 Error condition occurred.

   dtcreate MyAction.dt
       dtcreate	 will load the MyAction.dt action and datatype definition file
       and display using dtcreate's graphic user interface.

							    dtcreate(user cmd)


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