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dtcm_entry(special file)			      dtcm_entry(special file)

       dtcm_entry -- format of calendar/appointment entry

       The calendar entry file format defines how one entry is saved to	a file
       or used in a drag-and-drop transaction with another client.  A  grammar
       for the entry format is:

       appt_file	     ::=	header_string entry_definition
			     ::=	`0*Calendar Appointment	**'
       entry_definition	     ::=	appt_def `' old_appt
			     |		old_appt;
       old_appt		     ::=	date_mark start_mark end_mark re-
			     |		duration_mark text_mark
       date_mark	     ::=	`				 Date: ' date_value `'
       date_value	     ::=	Date as	mm/ dd/	yyyy
       start_mark	     ::=	`				 Start:	' start_value `'
       start_value	     ::=	Entry begin time as hh:mm[ampm ],
					where  hh  and	mm represent two-
					digit hours and	minutes	 and  the
					optional   ampm	  suffix  is  the
					string am or pm
       end_mark		     ::=	`				 End: '	end_value `'
       end_value	     ::=	Entry begin time as hh:mm[ampm ]
       repeat_mark	     ::=	`				 Repeat: ' repeat_value	`'
       repeat_value	     ::=	`One Time' | `Daily' | `Weekly'	|
					`Every Two Weeks'
			     |		`Monthly  By  Date'  | `Yearly'	|
					`Monthly By Weekday'
			     |		`Monday	Thru Friday' | `Mon, Wed,
					Fri' | `Tuesday, Thursday'
       duration_mark	     ::=	`				 For: '	duration_value `'
       duration_value	     ::=	Integer	that describes the number
					of repetitions.
       text_mark	     ::=	`				 What: ' text_value
       text_value	     ::=	Up to 5	lines of text. Each  line
					after the first	must have a lead-
					ing <tab> character.
       appt_def		     ::=	appt_start_marker	attr_list
       attr_list	     ::=	attr_def att_list
			     |		attr_def
       appt_start_marker     ::=	appt_marker `:string:begin'
       appt_end_marker	     ::=	appt_marker `:string:end'
       appt_marker	     ::=	`-//CDE_XAPIA_PRIVATE/CS/API/EN-
					TRYATTR//NONSGML       ApptDelim-
       attr_def		     ::=	attr_name   `:'	  attr_type   `:'
					attr_value `'
       attr_type	     ::=	`string' | `integer' | `reminder'
			     |		`accesslist' | `repeatdefinition'
					| `custom'
       attr_name	     ::=	XAPIA string. The span of charac-
					ters that can be used in the def-
					inition	 of  an	attribute name is
					specified in the  CAE  Specifica-
					tion,  XAPIA Calendar API.

       An example entry:

	       ** Calendar Appointment **
       -//CDE_XAPIA_PRIVATE/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML ApptDelimiter//EN:string:begin
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML Start	Date//EN:integer:775148400
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML End Date//EN:integer:775148900
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML Summary//EN:string:Foundation	planning meeting
	       in Hari's office
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML Status//EN:integer:0
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML Recurrence Rule//EN:string:M60 #12
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML Audio	Reminder//EN:reminder:-60:
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML Flashing Reminder//EN:reminder:-60:
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML Mail Reminder//EN:reminder:-1800:hseldon@trantor
       -//XAPIA/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML Popup	Reminder//EN:reminder:300:
       -//CDE_XAPIA_PRIVATE/CS/API/ENTRYATTR//NONSGML ApptDelimiter//EN:string:end

	       Date: 7/25/1994
	       Start:  8:00am
	       End:  9:00am
	       Repeat: Every Two Weeks,	last
	       What: Foundation	planning meeting
		       in Hari's office

       csa/csa.h   -   csacsa(5),   csa_add_entry(3),	csa_call_callbacks(3),
       csa_delete_calendar(3),	      csa_delete_entry(3),	  csa_free(3),
       csa_free_time_search(3),	csa_list_calendar_attributes(3), csa_list_cal-
       endars(3),      csa_list_entries(3),	 csa_list_entry_attributes(3),
       csa_list_entry_sequence(3),	   csa_logoff(3),	 csa_logon(3),
       csa_look_up(3),	  csa_query_configuration(3),	 csa_read_calendar_at-
       tributes(3),  csa_read_entry_attributes(3),  csa_read_next_reminder(3),
       csa_register_callback(3), csa_unregister_callback(3), csa_update_calen-
       dar_attributes(3), csa_update_entry_attributes(3).

						      dtcm_entry(special file)


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