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dsc(5)				  dpkg suite				dsc(5)

       dsc - Debian source packages' control file format


       Each  Debian  source  package is	composed of a .dsc control file, which
       contains	a number of fields.  Each field	begins with  a	tag,  such  as
       Source  or Binary (case insensitive), followed by a colon, and the body
       of the field.  Fields are delimited  only  by  field  tags.   In	 other
       words, field text may be	multiple lines in length, but the installation
       tools will generally join lines when processing the body	of  the	 field
       (except	 in   case   of	 the  multiline	 fields	 Package-List,	Files,
       Checksums-Sha1 and Checksums-Sha256, see	below).

       The control  data  might	 be  enclosed  in  an  OpenPGP	ASCII  Armored
       signature, as specified in RFC4880.

       Format: format-version (required)
	      The  value  of  this  field  declares  the format	version	of the
	      source package.  The field value is used by programs acting on a
	      source  package  to  interpret  the  list	of files in the	source
	      package and determine how	to unpack it.  The syntax of the field
	      value  is	 a  numeric  major revision ("0-9"), a period ("."), a
	      numeric minor revision ("0-9"), and  then	 an  optional  subtype
	      after  whitespace	 (" \t"),  which  if  specified	is a lowercase
	      alphanumeric ("a-z0-9") word in parentheses ("()").  The subtype
	      is  optional  in	the syntax but may be mandatory	for particular
	      source format revisions.

	      The source formats currently supported by	dpkg are 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
	      (native),	 3.0  (quilt),	3.0 (git), 3.0 (bzr) and 3.0 (custom).
	      See dpkg-source(1) for their description.

       Source: source-name (required)
	      The value	of this	field determines the package name, and is used
	      to generate file names by	most installation tools.

       Binary: binary-package-list
	      This  folded  field  lists  binary  packages  which  this	source
	      package can produce, separated by	commas.

	      This field has now been superseded by  the  Package-List	field,
	      which  gives  enough  information	about what binary packages are
	      produced on which	architecture, build-profile and	other involved

       Architecture: arch-list (recommended)
	      A	 list of architectures and architecture	wildcards separated by
	      spaces which specify the type of hardware	this  package  can  be
	      compiled	 for.	Common	architecture  names  and  architecture
	      wildcards	are amd64, armel, i386,	linux-any, any-amd64, etc.

	      Note  that  the  all  value  is  meant  for  packages  that  are
	      architecture   independent,   and	 any  for  packages  that  are
	      architecture dependent.  The list	may include (or	consist	solely
	      of)   the	 special  value	 all.	When  the  list	 contains  the
	      architecture wildcard any, the only other	value allowed  in  the
	      list is all.

	      The  field value is generally generated from Architecture	fields
	      from in the debian/control in the	source package.

       Version:	version-string (required)
	      Typically, this is the  original	package's  version  number  in
	      whatever	form the program's author uses.	 It may	also include a
	      Debian revision number (for  non-native  packages).   The	 exact
	      format and sorting algorithm are described in deb-version(7).

       Origin: name
	      The name of the distribution this	package	is originating from.

       Maintainer: fullname-email (recommended)
	      Should  be  in the format	"Joe Bloggs <>",	and is
	      typically	the person who created the package, as opposed to  the
	      author of	the software that was packaged.

       Uploaders: fullname-email-list
	      Lists all	the names and email addresses of co-maintainers	of the
	      package, in the same format as the Maintainer  field.   Multiple
	      co-maintainers should be separated by a comma.

       Description short-description
	      The  format  for the source package description is a short brief
	      summary on the first line	(after the  Description	 field).   The
	      following	 lines	should	be  used  as  a	 longer, more detailed
	      description.  Each line of the long description must be preceded
	      by a space, and blank lines in the long description must contain
	      a	single `.' following the preceding space.

       Homepage: url
	      The upstream project home	page url.

       Standards-Version: version-string (recommended)
	      This documents the  most	recent	version	 of  the  distribution
	      policy standards this package complies with.

       Vcs-Browser: url
	      The  url of a web	interface to browse the	Version	Control	System

       Vcs-Arch: url
       Vcs-Bzr:	url
       Vcs-Cvs:	url
       Vcs-Darcs: url
       Vcs-Git:	url
       Vcs-Hg: url
       Vcs-Mtn:	url
       Vcs-Svn:	url
	      These fields declare the	url  of	 the  Version  Control	System
	      repository    used    to	  maintain    this    package.	   See
	      deb-src-control(5) for more details.

       Testsuite: name-list
	      This  field  declares  that  the	source	package	 contains  the
	      specified	 test  suites.	The value is a comma-separated list of
	      test  suites.   If  the  autopkgtest   value   is	  present,   a
	      debian/tests/control  is	expected to be present,	if the file is
	      present but not the value, then dpkg-source  will	 automatically
	      add it, preserving previous values.

       Testsuite-Triggers: package-list
	      This  field  declares  the  comma-separated  union  of  all test
	      dependencies (Depends fields in debian/tests/control file), with
	      all  restrictions	 removed,  and OR dependencies flattened (that
	      is,  converted  to  separate  AND	 relationships),  except   for
	      binaries	 generated  by	this  source  package  and  its	 meta-
	      dependency equivalent @.

	      Rationale: this field is needed because otherwise	to be able  to
	      get  the test dependencies, each source package would need to be

       Build-Depends: package-list
       Build-Depends-Arch: package-list
       Build-Depends-Indep: package-list
       Build-Conflicts:	package-list
       Build-Conflicts-Arch: package-list
       Build-Conflicts-Indep: package-list
	      These fields declare relationships between  the  source  package
	      and  packages  used  to  build  it.   They  are discussed	in the
	      deb-src-control(5) manpage.

	package	package-type section priority key-value-list
	      This  multiline  field  contains	a  list	 of  binary   packages
	      generated	by this	source package.

	      The package is the binary	package	name.

	      The  package-type	 is  the  binary  package  type,  usually deb,
	      another common value is udeb.

	      The section and priority match the binary	package	fields of  the
	      same name.

	      The  key-value-list is a space separated key=value list, and the
	      currently	known optional keys are:

	      arch   The architecture  restriction  from  the  binary  package
		     Architecture field, with spaces converted to `,'.

		     The normalized build-profile restriction formula from the
		     binary package Build-Profile field, with ORs converted to
		     `+' and ANDs to `,'.

		     If	the binary package is essential, this key will contain
		     the value of the Essential	field, that is a yes value.

       Files: (required)
       Checksums-Sha1: (required)
       Checksums-Sha256: (required)
	checksum size filename
	      These multiline fields contain a list of files with  a  checksum
	      and  size	 for  each one.	 These fields have the same syntax and
	      differ only in the checksum algorithm used: MD5 for Files, SHA-1
	      for Checksums-Sha1 and SHA-256 for Checksums-Sha256.

	      The  first line of the field value (the part on the same line as
	      the field	name followed  by  a  colon)  is  always  empty.   The
	      content  of  the	field  is expressed as continuation lines, one
	      line per file.  Each line	consists of the	checksum, a space, the
	      file size, a space, and the file name.

	      These  fields  list  all	files that make	up the source package.
	      The list of files	in these fields	must match the list  of	 files
	      in the other related fields.

       The  Format field conflates the format for the .dsc file	itself and the
       format of the extracted source package.

       deb-src-control(5), deb-version(7), dpkg-source(1).

1.19.7				  2019-06-03				dsc(5)


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