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DRIVERS.CONF(5)           FreeBSD File Formats Manual          DRIVERS.CONF(5)

     drivers.conf - driver configuration file for boot floppies

     The file drivers.conf is used during the release build process.  A
     FreeBSD release includes two installation floppies.  The first floppy
     image, kern.flp, contains a statically linked kernel.  The second floppy
     image, mfsroot.flp, contains sysinstall(8), a collection of essential
     commands necessary for installation, and kernel modules to supplement the
     boot kernel.  Once the system has booted, the modules present in the
     /stand/modules directory of the mfsroot floppy will automatically be
     loaded by sysinstall(8).

     The /usr/src/release/${arch}/drivers.conf file contains a list of drivers
     that should be omitted from the boot kernel and installed as kernel
     modules on the mfsroot floppy.  Each driver is described on a separate
     line; fields on each line are separated by tabs or spaces.

     The first field, driver, is the name of the driver in the kernel
     configuration file.  This is used by to remove drivers
     from the boot floppy kernel configuration file that are included as
     modules on the mfsroot floppy.

     The second field, filename, is the name of the associated kernel module
     (without the .ko extension).

     The third field, floppy, specifies which floppy disk should include the
     kernel module.  Currently, only a value of 2 is valid here (representing
     mfsroot.flp).  In the future, a third ``driver floppy'' may be added.

     The fourth field, type, specifies the driver category.  This field is
     currently unused.

     The fifth field, description, provides a short description of the device


     release(7), kldload(8), sysinstall(8)

     FreeBSD Release Engineering,

     The drivers.conf file appeared in FreeBSD 4.5.

     HOSOKAWA, Tatsumi <> originally added support for
     moving kernel modules to the mfsroot installer floppy image.  This manual
     page was written by Murray Stokely <>.

FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE         March 23, 2002         FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE


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