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doublecmd(1)		    General Commands Manual		  doublecmd(1)

       doublecmd - Twin-panel (commander-style)	file manager.

       doublecmd [-C] [-T] [-P L|R] [ path1 ] [	path2 ]
       doublecmd [-C] [-T] [-P L|R] [-L	path1 ]	[-R path2 ]

       Double Commander	is a free cross	platform open source file manager with
       two panels side by side.	 It is inspired	by Total  Commander  and  fea-
       tures some new ideas.

       The switches are	NOT case sensitive.

       <path1> [<path2>]
	      If  one  path  passed then load it into the active panel.	If two
	      paths are	passed then load first path into left panel and	second
	      in the right panel.
	      Directory	names containing spaces	must be	put in double quotes.
	      Always specify the full path name.

       -C, --client
	      If Double	Commander is already running, activate it and pass the
	      path(s) in the command line to that instance.

       -L <path>
	      Set directory to show in the left	panel.

       -R <path>
	      Set directory to show in the right panel.

       -P L|R Sets the active panel when program starts: -P L for left and  -P
	      R	for right.

       -T     Opens the	passed directory(ies) in new tab(s)

	      Set  custom  directory path with Double Commander	configurations
	      Default is $HOME/.config/doublecmd.

	      Sets the name of the instance (server) Double  Commander,	 which
	      can then be used to pass parameters.
	      If there is no already existing instance,	then create it.
	      If  there	is already existing instance, and the current one is a
	      client, then send	params to the server (i.e. to the existing in-
	      If  there	 is  already existing instance,	and the	current	one is
	      not a client, (i.e. "Allow only one copy of DC  at  a  time"  is
	      false  and  no --client /	-c options were	given),	then user-pro-
	      vided servername is altered: firstly, just add a trailing	number
	      If there is already some trailing	number,	then increase it by 1,
	      until we found a servername that isn't busy yet, and then	create
	      instance with this servername.

	      Disables the splash screen at startup DC.


Double Commander		  6 June 2018			  doublecmd(1)


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