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DONEQ(5F)							     DONEQ(5F)

       doneq/q*	- HylaFAX outbound job description

       Files  in the doneq directory specify transmission job requests.	 These
       files are created by hfaxd(8C), when submitting	a  job	on  behalf  of
       sendfax(1)  or  sendpage(1).   Job description files also reside	in the
       sendq directory;	they are moved from there to the  doneq	 directory  by
       faxq(8C)	when a job completes.

       Job description files are ASCII files with lines	of the form
	    tag: value
       where  a	 tag  is one of	the identifiers	described below	and a value is
       either a	string or number.  Values start	at the first non-blank charac-
       ter  after  the	``:'' and continue to the end of the line.  Lines that
       end with	a backslash character ``\'' are	continued to  the  next	 line.
       Numeric	values	are decimal integers, except for chophreshold which is
       expressed as a floating point value.

       The following table lists the possible tags and the  required  type  of
       the associated value.
	      Tag	      Type	 Description
	      chopthreshold   float	 page chopping threshold (inches)
	      commid	      string	 communication identifier for last call
	      company	      string	 receiver's company
	      client	      string	 host that submitted the job
	      cover	      string	 continuation coverpage	file
	      data	      string	 unprocessed document of indeterminate type
	      !data	      string	 processed document of indeterminate type
	      dataformat      string	 data format used to transmit a	facsimile
	      desiredbr	      integer	 desired transmit speed
	      desireddf	      integer	 desired page data format
	      desiredec	      integer	 desired use of	Error Correction Mode (ECM)
	      desiredst	      integer	 desired minimum scanline time
	      desiredtl	      integer	 whether or not	to use tagline parameter
	      doneop	      string	 operation to perform when job is reaped
	      external	      string	 external form of dialstring
	      fax	      string	 document ready	for transmission
	      groupid	      integer	 HylaFAX job group identifier
	      jobid	      integer	 HylaFAX job identifier
	      jobtag	      string	 user-specified	job identifier
	      jobtype	      string	 job type identification string
	      killtime	      integer	 time to give up trying	to send	job
	      location	      string	 receiver's location
	      mailaddr	      string	 email address of sender
	      maxdials	      integer	 max number of times to	dial
	      maxtries	      integer	 max number of attempts	to send	job
	      minsp	      integer	 minimum required transmit speed
	      modem	      string	 outgoing modem	to use
	      ndials	      integer	 number	of consecutive failed attempts to place	call
	      notify	      string	 email notification specification
	      npages	      integer	 number	of pages transmitted
	      ntries	      integer	 number	of attempts to send current page
	      number	      string	 dialstring to use in placing call
	      owner	      string	 user that owns	the job
	      page	      string	 PIN in	a page operation
	      pagechop	      string	 whitespace truncation handling
	      pagehandling    string	 page analysis information
	      pagelength      integer	 facsimile page	length (millimeters)
	      pagewidth	      integer	 facsimile page	width (millimeters)
	      passwd	      string	 info to send in HDLC PWD frame
	      pcl	      string	 unprocessed PCL document
	      !pcl	      string	 processed PCL document
	      poll	      string	 polling request
	      postscript      string	 unprocessed POSTSCRIPT	document
	      !postscript     string	 processed POSTSCRIPT document
	      priority	      integer	 user-specified	scheduling priority
	      receiver	      string	 receiver's identity
	      resolution      integer	 vertical resolution of	facsimile
	      retrytime	      integer	 time to use between job retries
	      returned	      integer	 indicates status return value for the job
	      schedpri	      integer	 current scheduling priority
	      sender	      string	 identity of sender
	      signalrate      string	 signalling rate at which a facsimile was sent
	      state	      integer	 job scheduling	state
	      status	      string	 job status
	      subaddr	      string	 info to send in HDLC SUB frame
	      tagline	      string	 tagline format	string
	      tiff	      string	 unprocessed TIFF/F document
	      !tiff	      string	 processed TIFF/F document
	      totdials	      integer	 total number of phone calls
	      totpages	      integer	 total pages to	transmit
	      tottries	      integer	 total number of attempts to send job
	      tts	      integer	 time to send job
	      useccover	      integer	 whether or not	to use a continuation cover page
	      usexvres	      integer	 whether or not	to use highest vertical	resolution

       Note that all files must	be owned by the	fax user.  Pathnames for docu-
       ment files must be relative to the top of the HylaFAX  spooling	direc-
       tory and	not include ``..''.

       chopthreshold The minimum trailing whitespace (in inches) that must ap-
		     pear on a page for	it to be considered for	 ``page	 chop-
		     ping''.   If  this	 parameter  is	not specified then the
		     value specified by	 the  PageChopThreshold	 configuration
		     parameter is used;	see hylafax-config(5F).

       commid	     The  communication	 identifier for	the last outbound call
		     placed  for  this	job.   This  string  is	 of  the  form
		     ``XXXXXXXX''  where XXXXXXXX is a decimal sequence	number
		     in	the range 1-99999999.

       client	     The fully qualified hostname for the machine  from	 which
		     the job was submitted.  If	the hostname is	unknown	at the
		     time the job is submitted,	then the host address  in  In-
		     ternet standard ``.'' (dot) notation is supplied instead.

       company	     The  receiver's company name as specified with the	-x op-
		     tion to sendfax(1).  This value is	used only when	creat-
		     ing continuation cover pages.

       cover	     The  pathname  of a continuation cover page to send.  The
		     file must be TIFF/F (i.e. it must already be prepared for
		     transmission).   This document will be transmitted	before
		     any other documents listed	in the file.   See  ContCover-
		     Page and ContCoverCmd in hylafax-config(5F).

       data	     The  pathname of a	document to send.  Once	a document has
		     been processed, it	is marked as !data so that  subsequent
		     retries do	not reprocess the document.

       dataformat    The format	used to	transmit facsimile data.  This item is
		     recorded by faxsend(8C) so	that notify(8C)	can return  it
		     in	a notification message.

       desiredbr     The  desired  signalling rate to use for page data	trans-
		     missions: 0 for 2400 bps, 1 for 4800 bps, 2 for 7200 bps,
		     3 for 9600	bps, 4 for 12000 bps, and 5 for	14400 bps (de-

       desireddf     The desired data format to	use for	 page  data  transmis-
		     sions:  0 for 1-D MH, 1 for 2-D MR, 3 for 2-D MR with un-
		     compressed	data, and 4 for	2-D MMR	(default).

       desiredec     Which type	of Error Correction Mode (ECM) to  use:	 0  to
		     disable,  1  for  64-byte ECM, or 2 for 256-byte ECM (de-

       desiredst     The desired minimum scanline time to use  for  page  data
		     transmissions:  0	for  0 ms (default), 1 for 5 ms, 2 for
		     10ms/5ms, 3 for 10ms, 4 for 20ms/10ms, 5 for 20ms,	6  for
		     40ms/20ms,	and 7 for 40ms.	 This value is used in select-
		     ing the negotiated	session	parameters.

       desiredtl     Whether or	not to use the format string specified by  the
		     tagline  job  parameter when imaging taglines on document
		     pages.  If	this value is  non-zero	 then  per-job	format
		     string is used; otherwise the tagline format string spec-
		     ified in the  server  configuration  file	is  used;  see
		     TagLineFormat in hylafax-config(5F).

       doneop	     The  treatment  the  job  should be given when it is pro-
		     cessed by the faxqclean(8C) job cleaner program.  The may
		     be	one of remove (to expunge the job description file and
		     all associated documents that are not referenced  by  an-
		     other  job) or archive (to	request	that the job and asso-
		     ciated documents be  archived  on	the  server  machine).
		     Consult  faxqclean	more details on	other information that
		     may be included in	this string.

       external	     The external form of the dialstring.  This	string is used
		     instead of	the dialstring in any status and log messages.
		     Clients can protect private information  such  as	access
		     codes  that  must be placed in dialstrings	by supplying a
		     ``cleansed'' version of the dialstring.

       fax	     The pathname of a	TIFF/F	document  that	is  ready  for
		     transmission.   If	 the  pathname	string	has  a leading
		     ``xx:'', then ``xx'' is interpreted to be	the  index  of
		     the  first	directory in the file to transmit (directories
		     are numbered starting at zero).

       groupid	     The job group identifier, an integer number in the	 range
		     1	to 32000 assigned to each group	of jobs	by the HylaFAX
		     software.	Each job in a group of jobs submitted  at  the
		     same time is assigned the same value by the HylaFAX soft-

       jobid	     The job identifier, a unique integer number in the	 range
		     1 to 32000	assigned to each job by	the HylaFAX software.

       jobtag	     A	user-specified string that is intended for identifica-
		     tion purposes.  If	this string is defined,	it is returned
		     to	 the  user in notification messages instead of the job

       killtime	     The time to kill this job,	 expressed  in	seconds	 since
		     00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 1970.

       location	     The  receiver's  location as specified with the -y	option
		     to	sendfax(1).  This value	is  used  only	when  creating
		     continuation cover	pages.

       mailaddr	     The  electronic  mail  address to which notification mes-
		     sages should be directed.

       maxdials	     The maximum number	of times the server  should  dial  the
		     phone.   If the job cannot	be completed in	this number of
		     calls, it is terminated.

       maxtries	     The maximum number	of times the server should attempt  to
		     send  a  job; where an attempt is defined to be a session
		     that makes	it past	Phase A	of  the	 CCITT	T.30  protocol
		     (for  facsimile),	or similar.  If	the job	cannot be com-
		     pleted in this number of tries, it	is terminated.

       minsp	     The minimum signalling rate to use	for transmitting  page
		     data:  0  for  2400  bps (default), 1 for 4800 bps, 2 for
		     7200 bps, 3 for 9600 bps, 4 for  12000  bps,  and	5  for
		     14400 bps.

       modem	     The  outgoing modem to use	to send	the job, or ``any'' if
		     any available modem is acceptable.

       owner	     The identity of the user that owns	 the  job.   Typically
		     the  owner	 is  the  user	that  created  the job,	though
		     clients with administrative  privileges  can  change  the
		     ownership	of jobs.  The value is the string specified in
		     the USER command passed to	hfaxd(8C) when a client	logins
		     in	to the server.

       notify	     A specification of	whether	the sender wants notification:
		     whenever the job is requeued after	a  failed  attempt  to
		     transmit  (``when	requeued''), when the job is completed
		     (``when done''), either of	 the  above  (``when  done+re-
		     queued''),	or not at all (``none'').

       npages	     The number	of pages in the	facsimile, including the cover
		     page, that	have been successfully transmitted.

       ntries	     The number	of unsuccessful	attempts that have  been  made
		     to	transmit the current page.

       ndials	     The number	of consecutive unsuccessful attempts to	estab-
		     lish carrier with the the remote device.

       number	     The dialstring to use to call the destination device.

       page	     a string with PIN and to use in processing	a page	trans-
		     mit request.

       pagechop	     Whether  or not to	automatically truncate trailing	white-
		     space on pages of outbound	facsimile; see PageChop	in hy-
		     lafax-config(5F).	 The  possible values are: ``default''
		     to	use the	setting	of the PageChop	configuration  parame-
		     ter, ``none'' to disable page chopping, ``all'' to	enable
		     chopping of all pages, and	``last'' to enable chopping of
		     the last page of each document.

       pagehandling  A	string	that contains per-page information used	during
		     facsimile transmission.  Most of the information is  used
		     in	 the negotiation of session capabilities with optional
		     information used in the implementation of page  chopping.
		     The  string  has three characters,	say xxc, for each page
		     to	be transmitted.	 The xx	characters are	a  hex-encoded
		     specification  of	the  session  capabilities required to
		     transmit the page.	 The c	character  is  one  of	``M'',
		     ``S'', and	``P''; where: ``M'' indicates there is another
		     page to follow and	that the page requires different  T.30
		     session  parameters  be  negotiated (an EOM code is to be
		     transmitted).  ``S'' indicates there is another  page  to
		     follow, but the page uses the same	session	parameters (an
		     MPS.  code	is to be transmitted).	``P''  indicates  this
		     is	 the last page to be transmitted (an EOP code is to be
		     transmitted).  In addition, if page chopping has been en-
		     abled and the page	has enough trailing whitespace to be a
		     candidate,	then each three	character string will be  fol-
		     lowed  by	a string of the	form ``ZXXXX'',	where ``XXXX''
		     is	a 4 digit hex-encoded count of the number of bytes  of
		     data to send for a	chopped	page.

       pagelength    The desired page length in	millimeters.

       pagewidth     The desired page width in millimeters.

       pcl	     The pathname of a PCL document to send.  Once a PCL docu-
		     ment has been processed by	faxsend, it is marked as  !pcl
		     so	that subsequent	retries	do not reprocess the document.

       poll	     The  value	is a Caller Identification String (CIS)	to use
		     in	making a polling request.  If no CIS is	specified then
		     faxsend  will  form  one from the FAXNumber configuration

       postscript    The pathname of a POSTSCRIPT(R) document to send.	Once a
		     POSTSCRIPT	 document has been processed by	faxsend, it is
		     marked as !postscript so that subsequent retries  do  not
		     reprocess the document.

       receiver	     The receiver's name.  This	value is used only when	creat-
		     ing continuation cover pages.

       resolution    The desired vertical resolution in	lines per inch.	  This
		     value should be either 98 or 196.

       retrytime     The  time,	 in  seconds, to delay between each attempt to
		     transmit a	job that fails because of a communication-ori-
		     ented  problem.  Normally jobs are	scheduled according to
		     a collection of configuration parameters that  are	 tuned
		     for  the specific reason of each failure; e.g. see	JobRe-
		     qProto in hylafax-config(5F).

       returned	     Used internally to	determine the last return value	of the
		     send command issued for this job.

       sender	     The ``full	name'' of the sender of	the facsimile.

       signalrate    The  signalling  rate  used  to  transmit facsimile data.
		     This item is recorded by faxsend(8C) so  that  notify(8C)
		     can return	it in a	notification message.

       state	     The job scheduling	state.	Recognized values are: 1 (sus-
		     pended, not being scheduled), 2 (pending, waiting for the
		     time to send), 3 (sleeping, waiting for a scheduled time-
		     out), 4 (blocked, waiting for concurrent activity to  the
		     same destination to complete), 5 (ready, ready to be pro-
		     cessed except for available resources),  6	 (active,  ac-
		     tively  being  processed by HylaFAX), 7 (done, processing
		     completed with success).  8 (failed, processing completed
		     with a failure).

       status	     Status  information  about	 the current state of the job.
		     Typically this is the reason why the last attempt to send
		     the facsimile failed.

       subaddr	     The  SubAddress  information  to  transmit	when sending a
		     facsimile.	 This string should be used by the receiver to
		     route received facsimile documents.

       tagline	     The  format string	to use in imaging taglines on outgoing
		     documents.	 Note that this	parameter is only used if  the
		     desiredtl parameter is non-zero.

       tiff	     The  pathname  of a TIFF/F	document to send.  Once	a TIFF
		     document has been processed by faxsend, it	is  marked  as
		     !tiff  so	that  subsequent  retries do not reprocess the

       totdials	     The total number of times the server has placed a call to
		     the receiving phone number.

       totpages	     The total number of pages to be transmitted.

       tottries	     The  total	number of attempts to transmit a job; see max-
		     tries above.

       tts	     The time to send the job.	If this	value is non-zero,  it
		     is	number of seconds since	00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 1970.
		     Otherwise,	a value	of 0 is	interpreted to mean process as
		     soon as possible.

       useccover     1	if the job should use a	continuation cover page	during
		     retransmission, 0 otherwise.

       usexvres	     1 if the job should use  the  highest  possible  vertical
		     resolution,  0  otherwise.	  See hylafax-server(5F) for a
		     description of continuation cover pages.

       sendfax(1),   faxq(8C),	 faxqclean(8C),	  faxsend(8C),	 pagesend(8C),
       hfaxd(8C), hylafax-config(5F)

				 Feb 18, 2001			     DONEQ(5F)


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