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DOINKD(8)		    System Manager's Manual		     DOINKD(8)

       doinkd -	Idle terminal and multiple login monitor daemon.

       doinkd [-f config_file ]

       doinkd  wakes  up at regular intervals and scans	the system's utmp file
       to see which users are currently	logged in, how	long  they  have  been
       idle,  whether  they  are  logged  in more than once, etc.  doinkd then
       warns and logs out users	based on a set of rules	in  its	 configuration
       file.  doinkd is	usually	started	from '/etc/init.d'.

       doinkd  uses  a	configuration  file,,	to find	out how	long a
       terminal	must be	unused to  be  considered  "idle",  and	 which	users,
       groups,	terminals,  or	clusters  of  terminals	 are exempt from being
       logged out.

       The path	of the configuration file, which is compiled in, can be	 over-
       riden  by  using	 the flag -f followed by the name of the configuration
       file to use (and	path, if necessary).

       doinkd was written from a program called	Idled, which gets its name for
       obvious reasons.	 Idled was written from	a program called Untamo, which
       gets its	name from the Finnish god of sleep and dreams.

	      Configuration file which specifies how often doinkd is  to  wake
	      up,  and	exemptions to rules, etc.  There is no need to restart
	      doinkd to	change the configuration.  If changes are made to this
	      file, doinkd will	re-read	the configuration rules.

	      Log  of when doinkd is started, killed, who it logs off and why,
	      and any errors it	encounters.

       The  newest  version  of	 doinkd	 is  available	 from	http://source-

       All  comments  and  suggestions for doinkd would	be greatly appreciated
       and should be sent to lottc at SpinnakerResorts dot com

       Various "couldn't open ..." error messages.  Since doinkd dissacociates
       itself  from  the  invoking terminal, most of the errors	get put	in the
       log file.

SEE ALSO, utmp(5)

       If a user logs off and then on again fast enough	and manages to	get  a
       different tty, he may be	warned about a multiple	login.

       It  will	 not warn the person on	console	about being logged off if that
       person is not in	X-Windows, since things	get really screwy then (due to
       some  weirdness in the system blocking reading of the utmp file until a
       person hits <return> on the console's keyboard--	and that is  one  <re-
       turn> for each utmp line!).

       If  doinkd  is started considerably after a user's session limit	is up,
       it will warn that it is waiting "warn" time before killing the session,
       but  will actually only wait 10 seconds (which is adjustable via	a line
       in chk_session()	in doinkd.c).  I left this because it would  be	 some-
       what  messy  to fix it, when it will probably not have much effect any-

				 May 30, 2006			     DOINKD(8)


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