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       dnstable_convert	- convert passive DNS NMSG data	to dnstable MTBL

       dnstable_convert	NMSG-FILE DB-FILE DB-DNSSEC-FILE

       Converts	passive	DNS data from NMSG format to MTBL format. The input
       NMSG data in NMSG-FILE must be encoded using the	SIE/dnsdedupe message
       schema, and the output data will	be written to two separate MTBL	files:
       the DB-FILE containing "plain" DNS records, and the DB-DNSSEC-FILE,
       containing DNSSEC-related records. (Specifically, all resource records
       of type DS, RRSIG, NSEC,	DNSKEY,	NSEC3, NSEC3PARAM, and DLV are stored
       in the DB-DNSSEC-FILE, and resource records of all other	types are
       stored in the DB-FILE.)

       dnstable_convert	will create both the DB-FILE and DB-DNSSEC-FILE, and
       will abort if either exists. If the input file contains no
       DNSSEC-related records, DB-DNSSEC-FILE will be removed.

       The output files	produced by dnstable_convert are suitable for use with
       other dnstable tools like dnstable_dump(1) and dnstable_merge(1), or
       with the	dnstable_reader(3) API.	Since they are in MTBL format, they
       can also	be read	with the mtbl_reader(3)	API.

       By default, dnstable_convert will use /var/tmp/ to store	temporary mtbl
       files. The optional VARTMPDIR environment variable can be set to
       override	the location. Specifying a filesystem for RAM-based storage or
       specifying the same filesystem as the source data file might be useful.

				  04/11/2018		   DNSTABLE_CONVERT(1)


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