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DNSCHECK-PREFLIGHT(1) User Contributed Perl DocumentationDNSCHECK-PREFLIGHT(1)

       dnscheck-preflight - quickly check if a name seems to be	a delegated
       domain or not

       The dnscheck-preflight script takes a name and tries to figure out if
       that name corresponds to	a delegated domain or not, without taking too
       much time about it (at least in theory, it should never use more	than
       just over six seconds).

       There are no options. The script	will print the string TRUE to standard
       output if it thinks the name is a delegated domain, and the string
       FALSE otherwise.

       A domain	will be	considered to exist if any of the following is true:

       o   An NS record	can be found.

       o   A SOA record	can be found.

       o   A query for either of the above gets	a SERVFAIL response.

       o   A query for either of the above times out.


perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-02		 DNSCHECK-PREFLIGHT(1)


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