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dnscache-conf(8)	    System Manager's Manual	      dnscache-conf(8)

       dnscache-conf - sets up a DNS cache service.

       dnscache-conf acct logacct D [ ip ]

       This  is	 a reference page.  For	tutorial information, see the instruc-
       tions for
       workstations (,
       home computers (,
       external	caches (, or
       upgrading from BIND (

       dnscache-conf creates a service directory D that	runs dnscache(8).  The
       name D must start with a	slash and must not contain any special charac-
       ters.  Normally D is /etc/dnscache.

       You can run the service under svscan(8) by creating a symbolic link  in
       the svscan(8) directory:

       ln -s D /service

       The  service will start within five seconds, and	will be	restarted upon
       reboot.	You can	use svc(8) to control the service.

       dnscache-conf arranges for dnscache(8) to chroot	to D/root and  to  run
       under the uid and gid of	acct.  The name	acct must not contain any spe-
       cial characters.

       dnscache-conf arranges for dnscache(8) to listen	for  UDP  packets  and
       TCP connections on port 53 of ip.

       ip  is  optional;  if  it  is  not supplied, dnscache-conf arranges for
       dnscache(8) to listen on

       dnscache-conf creates D/root/ip/ so that dnscache(8) will  ac-
       cept queries from

       dnscache-conf  puts  128	 bytes	of  not-particularly-secret  data into
       D/seed  and  arranges  for  dnscache(8)	to  pass  D/seed  to  dns_ran-
       dom_init(3).   If your system has a good	source of random data, you can
       replace D/seed with 128 bytes of	data from that source.

       dnscache-conf  creates  an  automatically  rotated  log	directory   in
       D/log/main.   The  logs are owned by logacct.  The corresponding	multi-
       log(8) processes	run under the uid and gid of logacct.	The  name  lo-
       gacct must not contain any special characters.

       dnscache(8),  svscan(8),	 svc(8), multilog(8), axfrdns-conf(8), rbldns-
       conf(8),	tinydns-conf(8), walldns-conf(8)



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