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dns-ethers-import(1)	    General Commands Manual	  dns-ethers-import(1)

       dns-ethers-import - generate DNS	tables from /etc/ethers	entries

       dns-ethers-import [ option...  ]	filename...
       dns-ethers-import -Help
       dns-ethers-import -VERSion

       The dns-ethers-import program is	used to	read your /etc/ethers file and
       produce a DNS-formatted database.  This is used to maintain a  database
       with  the  IP address and the MAC address in the	same file.  This helps
       find omissions and inconsistencies.

       The following options are understood:

       -Domain name
	       This option may be used to set the domain name in the generated
	       file.   Defaults	 to  you system	domain name, if	set, otherwise

	       Provide some help with using the	dns-ethers-import program.

	       Print the version of the	dns-ethers-import program  being  exe-

       If you have an /etc/ethers file which looks like	this:
       By using	the following command
	      %	dns-ethers-import /etc/ethers ethers-tmp
       You will	see an output file of the form
	      @		      in      soa (
					      3	      ;	serial
					      10800   ;	refresh: 3 hours
					      1800    ;	retry: 30 minutes
					      604800  ;	expire:	1 week
					      86400 ) ;	minimum: 1 day
	      mercury	      ether   a	      2:7:1:f:b7:fb
	      venus	      ether   a	      2:60:8c:2d:20:c4
	      earth	      ether   a	      8:0:20:79:1f:d
	      mars	      ether   a	      aa:0:4:0:86:53
	      jupiter	      ether   a	      8:0:2b:99:49:ad
	      saturn	      ether   a	      0:40:10:56:43:57
	      neptune	      ether   a	      0:aa:0:69:7c:5b
	      uranus	      ether   a	      0:0:e8:a4:0:25
	      pluto	      ether   a	      8:0:9:d:2a:87
       You  are	 expected to manually edit this	into the rest of the database.
       You especially need to put sensable values into the SOA record.

       See dns-ethers(1) for how to retrieve your /etc/ethers  file  once  you
       have imported it.



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